Posted on September 6, 2014 at 2:17 am

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Juhi Chawla and Sohail Khan launch ‘Sirf Keval Sima Clinic'

Famous actress Juhi Chawla lastly seen in Gulaab Gang unveiled Sirfkeval Purwave Machine. The respected actress spoke her mind about the benefits of the product and claimed to be a user. Also, present at the event was Jai Ho Director Sohail Khan who warmly greeted the audiences followed by a small speech and unveiled Sirfkeval Ultralign.

The event was started by a small presentation by Chairman of Sirf Keval Sigma Kalpana Mehta, who elaborated on the importance of staying fit and beautiful. Also, adding the point that it directly affects the wellness and well-being of a person. She also introduced her husband and co-owner Mr. Tarak Mehta, who was the audiences favourite throughout the event.

Sirf Keval provides high tech solutions to diagnose and solve the cause of back and joint pain without drugs or surgery with it’s innovate Ultralign instrument. Additionally, the Purwave beauty instrument is a high tech solution that naturally reduces wrinkles and restores a youthful appearance by targeting the nerves, muscles and skin of the face.

Speaking of the launch and the association with Juhi and Sohail, Kalpna Mehta, quoted

“Juhi truly represents our Sirfkeval Purwave’s promise of a ever beautiful skin, Naturally! While Sohail has a perfect body to endorse Sirfkeval Ultralign, which promotes a healthy and pain free spine. Both our product therapies have been very popular worldwide, and we are very glad to launch it here in India.”

Also present at the launch were Vice Admiral Parasnath, Dr Michael Binder the Doctor behind the successful treatment & Mr. John Crunick a founder of the technology behind both the treatments.