Posted on September 28, 2014 at 12:29 am

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It’s a colorful celebration for ‘Rang Rang De’ in the film ‘Jigariyaa’

The makers of ‘Jigariyaa’ an upcoming romantic film inspired by true events from the 80’s, has launched two new music videos titled ‘Rang Rang De’ and the title track ‘Jigariyaa’.

‘Rang Rang De’, a peppy number shot during the festival of Holi, features Cherry Mardia as Raadha and Harsh Vardhan Deo, who plays Shaamu. Raadha is seen dancing with joy on the arrival of her lover to her home city, Mathura. The video is a beautiful confluence of the celebration of love during the festival of colours set in the 80s. Check out the video! It’s about to get super Colorful!

The title track of ‘Jigariyaa’ is based on the pain of separation felt by two young lovers. The soulful song is a beautiful expression of the agony that comes with being separated from the love of one’s life. The video highlights the hardships and pain Raadha and Shaamu go through. Watch the title track of Jigariyaa here:

Directed by Raj Purohit, ‘Jigariyaa’ is produced by Raju Chadha & Vinod Bachchan, introducing Harsh Vardhan Deo and Cherry Mardia in lead roles. The film is written by Raj Purohit and Apratim Khare based on true events. Based in Agra circa 1988-89, ‘Jigariyaa’ is scheduled for release on October 10, 2014.


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