Posted on September 9, 2014 at 3:12 am

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"I’ll wear the bikini at the right opportunity" – Parineeti Chopra

The ever lovable Parineeti Chopra has always been labelled “the girl next door” for her sweet personality, infectious laugh and lovable roles. In a time where Yash Raj Films heroines are all in micro mini’s and bikini’s, Parineeti looks like a real girl, which is why fans love her. But will she don a bikini soon?


In a recent interview the actress actually says she just might do it! When asked if she’ll follow in the footsteps of Yash Raj Films heroines before her and wear a bikini anytime soon for her films, the actress laughed and said,

“No, no, no! I am not doing anything that startlingly glamorous. But let me tell you I’m sure I’ll wear the bikini at the right opportunity. I’ve to get into the right shape for that.”

To get into shape the actress will have to let go of one of her favorite foods, pizza!

” It’s impossible for me to cut down on my pizzas entirely. But I am trying. But “Kill Dill” doesn’t really require me to be ultra-slim. I play a girl from Delhi and I’ve to dress, look and speak in a certain way. It’s not as if I, Parineeti Chopra, would go out of character to prove how glamorous I can look.”

Watch out for the talented Parineeti Chopra in her upcoming films, you just might catch this gorgeous girl in a bikini! Until then, be sure to check out her upcoming releases, Dawat-e-Ishq and Kill Dill!



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