Posted on September 1, 2014 at 3:28 pm

Bollywood What's Happenin'

Are Aamir and Ranbir Bonding about nudity?

Recently, both Aamir Khan and Ranbir Kapoor were at the Hyatt for their respective launches. Only a few doors away from each other but the actors couldn’t really meet up. It so happened that Kapoor’s launch ended right when Aamir’s started, thus there was no way that they could have met, but still the young actor remembered to text a ‘Hello’ to further their mutual admiration club.


Apparently the Kapoor lad applauded Aamir’s PK poster, given Kapoor who himself stripped for the camera in ‘Saawariyaa’ perhaps knew what it takes to bare it all. But what no one seems to remember is how Aamir has often in his previous interviews stated that, while he never felt conscious doing love scenes on camera, he would draw a line when it comes to stripping on screen. Wonder what compelled Mr. Perfectionist to drop all his reservations for PK. Kudos to Raju Hirani for getting his actors to push themselves that extra mile for his films.

Guess they both have something in common!

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