Posted on August 13, 2014 at 1:37 am

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Why is Illeana D'cruz out of a match lately?

Everyone is wondering what is with Ileana D’Cruz and her tight-lipped love life, not literally of course. Insiders say that the girl is certainly seeing someone but no one seems to know exactly who. And Ileana herself ain’t helping clear this confusion! The actress, who is the darling of everyone in Tollywood, turned to Hindi cinema with ‘Barfi!’ and totally charmed her audience with her acting! With ‘Phata Poster Nikla Hero’ and ‘Main Tera Hero’, Ileana seems to be ensuring her commercial value stays high.

And by keeping her love life tight under the lid, she is ensuring a healthy curiosity about her personal life too. If the secrecy wasn’t enough, Ileana has been going around dropping completely opposite hints to add to the confusion. At first she tells everyone that she is not interested in her co-stars because she would much rather date an older guy… something about the lure of the father figure kind of guy. We all bought it and assumed that is the reason why Ileana was perhaps the only actress who was not linked with Ranbir Kapoor and worse, not even Virat Kohli!

Older men, right Ileana? We wonder why! Kat caught Kapoor’s tongue and arm long back. Leaving Ileana without a romantic connect. For those who don’t know, Virat has acted in three commercials with varied actress and has allegedly had a rollicking affair with two of the three. It started with Tammanah Bhatia and has stopped at Anushka Sharma. The only one he hasn’t managed to have any sort of relationship despite spending time shooting for a commercial is Ileana!

Obviously, with Anushka Sharma staying put in his life, for the moment at least, Kohli isn’t available. To make matters a little better, Ileana charmingly said she would not mind someone like Varun Dhawan in her life but looks like Alia Bhatt is in a much friendlier space with Dhawan. Which once again leaves Ileana without a catch! Wonder if it’s the slim pickings or is D’Cruz being too picky?


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