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“When I kick, ten people won’t fly. It’s a real film” – Rani Mukherjee on Mardaani

Bollywood is known to get a little too carried away with their action scenes ripping them off the pages of comic books. When it comes to female action scenes, it just gets worse but Rani Mukherjee’s next film, Mardaani is very different and very real! Speaking about the film the talented actress says,

“In this film, I am playing a no-nonsense courageous, brave female cop. It is a very real portrayal of a cop. It is something that I haven’t seen in Bollywood before and that makes Mardaani very special. The attempt here is to show female cops in the way they are in this country.”

Mardaani Trailer Launch - 2 (1)

Rani goes on to describe how cop films in Bollywood are increasingly detached from reality and that a female cop is just as worthy of her badge as a male cop, it is no laughing matter.

“There is a great bias that exists between female and male cops. I would like to ask a question to all those people who feel a lady cop is different from male cop, would a lady pilot fly a plane differently from a male pilot? Why is it even fodder for humour? Will a lady pilot fly a plane upside down? Even with cops, even if you are a female you are doing your duty as brilliantly as any other male cop. Just because it is a female cop, one would say eh kya hai re! We are subjected to cop films, where a cop is kicking and ten people fly. So obviously that you will not get to see because it is not real. You will get to see a real portrayal.”

Setting a new benchmark in the emerging female-centric genre in Indian film-making on a world cinema platform, Rani Mukherjee champions her most challenging role to date in this latest release from Yash Raj Films. Catch the raw, gritty and topical thriller, Mardaani, releasing in cinemas worldwide on 22nd August 2014!

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