Posted on August 1, 2014 at 1:17 am

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Top Dating ideas that will make your date super fun!

Need an idea for a date this weekend or have no plans on what to do for your loved one? Have you ever thought you and your partner might be doing the same thing over and over and want to spice your relationship up? As an innovative and refreshing way to promote meeting, an online dating site for Indian-American singles,,emphasizes the experience of the date and makes it easier for members who interact online, to meet offline. PyaarStory offers an innovative concept that allows users to meet by proposing local date ideas. Members are able to attract interest from other members based on a shared vision of their ideal dates and easily express their individuality, personality, creativity and interests.

Check out some of their recommendations for great date ideas that will ensure a fun time with your date!

1.Wine Tasting: You don’t need to be a wine sommelier to enjoy wine tasting. Discover all the different flavors by tasting a variety of different wines. Whether it is a weekend getaway or just a fun day together, wine tasting is a great way for you and your date to enjoy the summer weather. Many vineyards offer romantic candlelight dinners for the two of you to enjoy!

2.Dinner and/or Drinks on a Rooftop Bar: Spice up a regular old dinner date by finding a restaurant or bar with a gorgeous city view. Try something new by ordering each other’s favorite dishes and/or drinks! Enjoy each other’s conversation by looking out at the twinkling lights of the city.

3. Hiking: If you like to stay active and want a partner who can keep up with you, try proposing a hiking date! Show your date your favorite trails or discover a new path together. Many parks have secret waterfalls or pretty views to hike to. If you enjoy a little competition, see who can get to the top faster!


4. Outdoor Concert/Live Band: Summer is the perfect time to find some local concerts to check out with a date. Many local parks or beaches put on shows for you to enjoy. Have your date pick out the type of music they want to go see or show them your favorite artists! Being open to trying new things and having a good time while doing it is sure to impress your date.

5.Local Fair: Bring out your inner child and check out your local fair. It’s a great place to share some laughs with your date and there are an endless amount of activities to keep the two of you occupied. Play games and win each other prizes or try new foods that you wouldn’t normally find! Slow things down by taking a ride on the ferris wheel and enjoying the view at the top.

6.Have a Picnic: No matter where you are, you and your date can always find a great spot to have a picnic together whether it’s on the beach or at a park. Both of you can make each other’s favorite foods to pack and enjoy together. A picnic is a mellow date where you can really get to know each other and just simply enjoy each other’s company.


7. Take a Cooking Class Together: If you feel like doing something that is new for both you and your date, take a cooking class together! You can both learn to make a new dish together and meet other couple’s in the process. Most cooking classes offer wine and/or drinks to sip on while learning a new dish. Make your date proud by showing off your skills in the kitchen!

PyaarStory was created specifically for Indian-American singles that are seeking dating outlets relevant to modern day American popular culture while maintaining the integrity of some of the beautiful concepts and values inherent to the Indian culture. It is an offline-focused dating site for contemporary, young professional Indian-Americans in their 20s and 30s. Members typically live by the American dating culture practices while sharing traditional relationship outlooks on things like marriage, education, lifestyles, etc. of the Indian American community. If you’re looking for commitment minded singles and have fun doing so, check out for a free trial!

So what are you waiting for? Get that date planned!

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