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Tanovic's Tigers with Emraan set to roar at Toronto!

It’s good to see talent from India promoted on a global stage.  In Bollywood, actor Emraan Hashmi is known for being the serial kisser of Indian cinema, but more so, he is known for choosing interesting roles and character-based performances.  Later this year, his first International project, “Tigers,” for which he is the lead actor, will be releasing worldwide!  The movie is directed by Oscar-winning director Danis Tanovic’s (who is a Bosnian director known for the film, “No Man’s Land”).  “Tigers” has been selected for its World Premiere at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Based on a true story, this hard-hitting thriller drama, produced by Prashita Chaudhary of Cinemorphic and Guneet Monga of Sikhya Entertainment will premiere at 9:45 pm on September 8th, Scotiabank Theatre, Toronto.

(L-R) Guneet Monga, Emraan Hashmi and Prashita Chaudhary

Indian moviegoers first knew of Danis Tanovic as the man who beat Lagaan to the Oscars held in 2002. The Bosnian filmmaker’s breakthrough film, No Man’s Land, not only picked up the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, but it also established Tanovic as one of the most promising filmmakers in the world, especially in the international film circuit. In fact, his last film, “An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker won the Jury Grand Prix at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival last year.

Tigers, revolves around the story of a salesman Ayan, played by Emraan Hashmi, who after a lot of struggle secures a job with a prestigious multi-national corporation marketing infant formula milk (the artificial substitute for breast milk). However, he soon discovers that all is not as simple as it seems and unveils a big racket… The narrative then turns into a David versus Goliath story but will this underdog even get a chance to fight?

Says Danis:

“Tigers is a project that I have been nurturing for many years. We started research on the film way back in 2006 and despite the challenges we never gave up. I believed that this story needed to be told and I’m very glad that in Emraan, Prashita and Guneet, I found partners who share the same thought and emotion.”

Adds Producer, Prashita Chaudhary (who earlier co-produced Ari Folman’s festival favorite “The Congress”):

“I believe in world cinema and working with some of the best minds from across the globe. The story of Tigers really attracted me for its universal appeal. It is incredible how a complete foreigner like Danis has directed a film in Hindi bringing out the nuances of a completely different socio-economic milieu so beautifully. It’s a special film and I am glad we are premiering it at Toronto.”

For Producer Guneet MongaTigers is the latest success story, as she continues to be the face of alternative Indian cinema abroad.

“It has been an arduous journey but this particular film is one that you cannot let go. It came to us at a critical juncture and we worked very hard to put together a team that Danis wanted. I’d like to thank him for his trust in us and Emraan for taking on this challenging yet extremely important role. The story is extraordinary and I’m elated that our collective effort is bearing fruit and that Tigers is now ready to travel the world.”

Tigers will reveal a very different Emraan Hashmi to cinema-goers and his fans.  The Bollywood superstar is well aware of it and is very excited for the film to release:

“I am extremely happy that I could do this high concept film with a very strong connect to the larger world audience. Working with someone like Danis on my first international venture has been very exciting and now I have my fingers crossed on how the film will be received.”

Tigers definitely seems like a film to watch, and we will continue to bring you the latest regarding it!  Keep it locked to Urban Asian!

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