Posted on August 22, 2014 at 2:55 am

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"Sussane is my sister" -Mehr Rampal

Bollywood gossip has brought down numerous relationships and friendships in the industry and the latest friendship to be attacked is long time best friendship Sussanne Khan and Mehr Jesia Rampal.


These two Bollywood wives were introduced by their husbands and have been close ever since. But the unfortunate divorce of Sussane Khan and Hrithik Roshan has brought Mehr and Sussanne’s relationship under fire. Sussanne and Mehr who chose to keep quiet about controversy regarding Sussanne’s divorce have finally opened up to media to set the record straight for the sake of their children. In the exclusive interview with a leading publication, both the ladies cleared the air about their various appearances and absences that had snowballed into fabricated stories in the media. Speaking about this traumatic phase, Sussanne was quoted as saying,

“We have to be hawks to protect them to set the record straight with dignity and decided that we need to talk about this. We need to make people understand that you cannot bully people and cannot demean people’s character and get away with it… My relationship with Hrithik will always be what it is. We have a good bond as parents first and that is our priority. And we will always remain close. Mehr and Arjun are like family to me and we have this beautiful relationship and are so close.”


Mehr and Arjun have been a big support for so long to Sussanne. Mehr also added,

“Sussanne is my sister and knows more about me than Arjun or my mom knows. She is my closest friend from the industry. Sussanne and I have even done holidays together without our husbands and children.”

The scrutiny and false information is having a negative effect on Sussanne and Mehr’s children and families. The two women hope that through this interview all rumors will be put to rest and they can move ahead in their life and career. We wish both ladies lots of luck!

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