Posted on August 4, 2014 at 2:37 am

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Shah Rukh hosts Simon Cowell’s purported `World’s Got Talent` show!

Looks like more actors are tapping into the TV world when it comes to hosting or launching a reality program or even a game program. Recently, Simon Cowell is reportedly planning to organize `World’s Got Talent` show and Shah Rukh Khan is said to already be in negotiations.

Sources revealed that the 54-year-old music mogul is planning to club all local versions of talent shows together and is giving the global version all his full backing as he thinks it will be great to get the best of the talent from around the world all on one show, the Daily Star reported.

Shah Rukh Khan

Sources added that ‘India’s Got Talent’ is a huge show and this global version of the show will be a spin off will attract millions of viewers from around the world. According to sources, ‘Got Talent World Stage Live’ will take place in Mumbai in December and will be screened across the world.

Paddy Jones and partner Nico Espinosa are reportedly set to represent Britain in the competition, which will most likely be presented by the ‘Chennai Express’ actor!


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