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Rahul Nath's first feature is set to cause a 'Khazana' stir!

It’s no surprise that Rahul Nath who has been featured in major films in India and now taking his directing debut with a film that portrays what really happens in the ‘real world’. After taking a directing hiatus, Rahul Nath now hits back in a big way with his first feature called KHAZANA, that chronicles the abuse of a newly wed bride until the day comes where she takes a stand and fights back. The revenge portyral of the movie is set to cause quite a stir with audience goeers and critics, and is set to show how far a woman will go when she pushed to the edge. It’s one feature that is going to be a must watch film and that will open up the eyes of audiences.

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The movie will showcase several forms of abuse that range from emotional, mental and physical and also will show the troubles and trials that Indian women undergo because of cultural and traditional demands. The movie has been inspired by several incidents that Rahul Nath saw while growing up in the UK and also stories that he heard from women that were being abused in his community. The movie is also set to show how people in the South Asian community with power and status abuse their positions. The film will end up becoming a eye-opener to the audiences as what happens in the real world is being applied to on screen! Women who are abused in today’s society are not able to have a voice because of embarrassment or shame, although one who is abused should never be ashamed of it and should speak out. This film will portray certain emotions and stories which are occurring in the asian community today.

After several chops and changes with the cast because of date issues and conflicts, the perfect cast was assembled by Rahul Nath and the movie was shot in December 2013

The movie stars a list of South Asian actors from all over the world including Ulka Simone Mohanty (Cutthroat Kitchen), Ahmed Lucan (Homeland), Shruti Tewari (Love Aaj Kal), Reem Kadem (Thunder Run), Bahram Khosraviani (Argo), Sonam Arvind Dhage (Posey), Laikh Tewari (Shaya) and Rahul Nath himself (Happy Ending). Lot of talented actors in this feature!

The movie begins with Vaidehi (Ulka Simone Mohanty), who is trapped in a loveless marriage with her husband Amar (Ahmed Lucan) and to add more injury to the situation, she is faced with constant taunting and bullying from her mother in law, Chand (Shruti Tewari) and her sister in law, Sapna (Sonam Arvind Dhage). As a plea of help, she confides in a local psychiatrist, Rishi (Bahram Khosraviani) who happens to be a good friend of her husbands. Also on the scene are the family doctor Arun, (Rahul Nath) and a stay at home servant (Laikh Tewari), who as helpless as her, try their best to offer her support. And if the situation cannot get any worse, there is also the sultry and sexy vixen, Neelima (Reem Kadem) who makes a point to flirt and seduce her husband on a regular basis

This is Rahul Nath’s next release, before his Bollywood mega-opus ‘HAPPY ENDING’ releases at the end of this year, in which he plays a starring role, opossite Saif Ali Khan and Ilena D’cruz. HAPPY ENDING is brought to you by IIIUMINATI FILMS that have had hits like ‘Love aaj Kal’ and ‘Cocktail’.

KHAZANA is releasing this summer (2014) at film festivals all over the world. Be sure to check the film at all showing festivals!

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