Posted on August 7, 2014 at 12:50 am

Bollywood What's Happenin'

J P Dutta, a task master?

Movies are all about art and direction and production and in todays Bollywood industry or as we like to call it Hindi Movie industry more producers and more directors are being launched with the creativity and art they come up with on storytelling. Weather it’s directing, producing or even coming up with a script many are being launched. Recently, veteran director-producer J P Dutta, who is known for his cult classic Border is launching a new director kids and as he is known to be a perfectionist in his work, he is also a strict person when it comes to making a film.


J P Dutta’s company’s new youth wing J P Gene will be giving chance to newcomers, where they can explore their talent. He will be launching a new director Binoy Gandhi and the film is launching his daughter Nidhi Dutta and Nafisa Ali’s son Ajit Sodhi.

When asked about giving chance to newcomers, J P Dutta says,

“I have always believed in launching newcomers. But it’s always been actors like Abhishek and Kareena, now this time I’m launching a new director Binoy Gandhi”.

When asked director Binoy Gandhi about working with J P Dutta he said,

“I heard that he was a task master but it’s completely the opposite. He gave me full creative control on this project. He is an institute in itself and that shows in his body of work. I go to him whenever I feel I need help and he is more than a guiding figure in this film for me. I’m actually blessed to have a producer like him for my first film.”

Will Binoy be able to top of his upcoming film? I guess we will have to see and find out!

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