Posted on August 18, 2014 at 11:34 pm

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Evelyn Sharma doesn't believe in working out?

It’s no surprise that actors love working out and making sure they are in shape and fit for any role that they are set to do. Weather it’s gaining weight for a role or loosing kilos for a role they are ready to make it happen. Some actors don’t like working out and think it’s a waste of a time. One actress who has been known in B-town really doesn’t need to work out and she still has the hot body that can fit into any role! We are talking about Evelyn Sharma! Everyone who has envied Evelyn Sharma for her svelte figure and desirable curves does not believe in working out! But why we wonder? Here is why…

Evelyn Sharma - Pic 51 (Image Courtesy - Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)


Evelyn Sharma has been fighting off attention ever since she landed in Mumbai to make a mark as a female actress. While she hasn’t had as much success in her career her beauty and her figure have ensured people look forward to seeing her onscreen. But recently the actress shared her secret with us, which if nothing will shock you!

The actress insisted that she doesn’t believe in killing herself doing cardio and excessive gymming,

“There are better and more fun ways to lose weight. It doesn’t have to rigorous exercises in front of a mirror. I always felt that it is far better to walk for good health. The fresh air, the environment and all are so much more conducive for health certainly far better than air conditioned air that you share with other sweaty people!”

She is still fairly new in this industry so we didn’t bother reminding her that in Mumbai there are hardly any places to walk. With her career not going as fast as she might have liked, we think it’s best not to kill her illusion about strolls in this city.

Do you think she made the right decision or do you think working out is just not for everyone?

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