Posted on August 14, 2014 at 2:31 am

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Dixi makes us fall in love with 'Awari'

At we love supporting new and old artists and one singer who has crossed our paths has been doing some amazing covers and has recently released a video called  ‘Awari’ which also features a song called ‘Falin’ which many people will remember and have a ‘flashback’ hearing! It’s a great tune, trust me take our word for it! She mixed the song by artist like ‘Soch’ from the movie ‘Ek Vilian’ and ‘Fallin’ by the great Alicia Keys! A pretty interesting Indo-Western Bollywood mix!

Dixi Patel who has a cappella arranging experience from undergrad while being on Swaram Acappella at Texas A&M for 4 years has done something a little different from her usual work since she had 3 weeks of summer off from medical school. She is a young girl who is striving to become a doctor but also has a passion for music and singing.

She tells Urban Asian:

I wanted to spend some of that time working on this project. I wanted to be creative
with it and may be one of the first South Asian females to release an a cappella cover like this on youtube. I love creating fusions between Bollywood and Western Music. I think the two styles of music blended together can really create some beautiful pieces as many have witnessed through a cappella pieces by Penn Masala, Chai Town, etc.

My song was produced by a former arranger and President of Chai Town, Arindam Chakravartti, who is experienced in music production. He has been mentored by some big time music engineers and producers such as Ryan Leslie, Michael Harmon and Craig Derry, and that itself can be heard in the quality of this track. I just want to share my creation with others out there what appreciate these songs as well as a cappella music, that’s all!

Dixi Patel was also praised via social media by the original artists themselves which made it more of a blessing for her as she enjoys singing music. Check out her recent video ‘Awari’ here on!


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