Posted on August 12, 2014 at 12:29 am

Bollywood What's Happenin'

Ali Zafar to try his hand on direction!

Ali Zafar who is known to be super multi-talented has a few things he does that the star is able to juggle in his daily life! He sings, acts, composes his own songs and paints! Yes, paints! After trying his hand successfully at movies, Ali Zafar has expressed his wishes time and again to make a directorial debut. Venturing into the field, the veteran actor has recently directed seven Ads for a brand. Hoping to direct a film under his vision someday, the actor has for now taken the path to Video Direction.

Ali Zafar Poster 2

“I believe that as an artist you are always working with a very wide skill set. I moved from painting to singing and then to acting. Everything you think you can do, or have the potential to take on, one should definitely venture into that field to experience it.”

Ali Zafar who recently performed at the Bollywood Show stopper O2 Arena, is shooting for his latest Bollywood flick Kill Dill under the Yash Raj Banner. In a move towards supporting his very own Pakistan Film Industry, Ali will very soon be producing a movie being made in Pakistan. The details of what the movie is are still to come out in the light, but Ali Zafar will be producing it in Pakistan.


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