Posted on July 12, 2014 at 11:49 pm

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Tanishaa's coffee meeting with her biggest fan!

Some actors are really grounded when it comes to giving back to their fans across the globe. One actress was surprised to see one of her biggest fans give her a huge surprise ‘package’. Bigg Boss runner up and Bollywood actor and producer Tanishaa Mukerji has become extremely popular after her stint on the show and has garnered a huge fan following. She is very active on social media where she makes it a point to connect with her fans and give them a glimpse into her life. The fans look up to her as a role model and many of them aspire to become like her as she is a woman of substance, strength and dignity.



Recently, she received a huge bunch of gifts from a fan named Meenakshi who created a beautiful compilation of some unforgettable moments from Tanishaa’s life.

“I am speechless. My fans are like my extended family and I’m overwhelmed to receive such love and affection from them. I’m looking forward to meeting Meenakshi and spend some quality time with her” said Tanishaa on receiving these presents.”

The next day Tanishaa invited her over for coffee and gifted her an autographed coffee mug exclusively picked out by her. She also bought herself an identical mug to remember Meenakshi by. Tanishaa believes fans are what make celebrities and it’s always good to connect with them for all they have to give you is unconditional love and support. And if you can, in any way, make them smile, then why not?!

For Meenakshi it was a dream come true. She says,

“For Tani di to take out time and meet me and also bring me a present – it was awesome. She is grounded, humble and extremely sweet – truly an inspiration in every way.”

Pretty cool stuff for a major fan to meet an actress like Tanisha! Check out her photo seen here where they both met up for coffee!

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