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Shweta and Gaurav's Amazing Love Anthem of 2014!

Love is in the air!  At least, that is what Shweta Subram and Gauarv Dagaonkar’s new track will have you believing!  Do you remember the sweet memories you shared with your first love while listening to “Pehla Nasha” from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander? How about the beautiful days spent together listening to the melodious voice of Shania Twain in “You’re Still the One” (which is actually one of my favorite love songs!)? These two songs have become timeless classics in Hindi and English, and have inspired many to fall in love. However, even more magic is created when you take Shania’s love song and mash it with one of the most iconic desi songs about pyaar (love!).  Shweta Subram and Gaurav Dagaonkar’s mash-up rekindles our old memories, and will help you make new ones, through their rendition of “Pehla Nasha / You’re Still The One”.

Shweta Subram is a sensational Indo-Canadian vocalist whose recent release with the popular band The Piano Guys has crossed 7.5 million views in a year. Gaurav Dagaonkar is the frontman of Synchronicty and a talented music director. They have known of each other’s works for the past couple years, but got together a few months ago to create this piece of magic. They portray an excellent chemistry in this mash-up and their on-screen presence is remarkable.  The song has a very breezy summery sound to it, and the video focuses more on simplicity.  It released on YouTube on the 19th and is growing in popularity already!

When asked about what they felt about working together, here’s what Gaurav had to say:

“I had a great time working with Shweta, who’s such a talented and creative person, but also an amazing human being! Her voice has honesty, soul and expression and that’s gonna see her become a mainstream singer in Bollywood.”

Shweta was no less in her compliments, who recalls:

“Gaurav and I instantly hit it off – he has an excellent sense of humor. More importantly, he’s a wonderful artist with strong musical capabilities. He’ll really go far. I totally enjoyed working with him and look forward to more.”

Check out this amazing love anthem! I can guarantee this is one song you will fall in love with instantly!

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