Posted on July 18, 2014 at 4:39 am

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Shammi Pithia's Cosmic is out of this world!

With some music classes and a high paid song-writer/composer, everyone thinks they’re an artist these days. It is true artists like Shammi Pithia that really bring back what it means to be an artist. Why such high praise? All you need to do is listen to the magic this composer and producer created in his new LP, COSMIC to understand. Pithia’s COSMIC, is 13 tracks of pure magic! COSMIC, which stands for Creation Of Something Meaningful Inside Chaos releases July 21st.

shammi pithia

Shammi Pithia takes you out of this world with his compositions and they lovingly tell you a story without any words. Pithia has created a worthy LP after 14 months of composition and studio work. He’s collaborated with the likes of Sonna Rele, Sabiyha, Jatanil Banerjee and Ambika Jois and recorded with an array of instruments from a Basuri (bamboo flute) to a 9-piece string ensemble for COSMIC.Clearly no rock was left unturned in the making of this LP.

Produced and mixed by Shammi Pithia himself, the album was mastered at Metropolis by Andy “Hippy” Baldwin. The COSMIC LP is a celebration of life – from the ‘Big-Bang’ to present day. It takes the listener on a journey through space-time, moving through our feelings, our world, our solar system and our universe. COSMIC rejoices in this by delivering a rich sound soaked in feeling, passion and excitement, all intertwined in a gritty and heavy sonic.

The LP begins with the track “Nothing Else” and “Discovery,” the listener won’t even realize when they’ve hit the next track because it all flows seamlessly like pages of the same story. The third track is a collaborations where Sonna Rele lends her soulful voice for the track “Pursuit Of Happiness.” This is followed by “Inside,” and “Nebula,” where the tempo takes a happier turn, Nebula literally means a cloud of dust and gas in outer space that looks like a bright patch of light in the night sky and it is amazing how the track sounds like you’ve found a light in the darkness.

“Ankaha” is a collaboration with Jatanil Banerjee and Ambika Jois  where Hindi lyrics join Pithia’s composition for a beautiful ballad that will have you singing along. The next tracks “Snapshots,” “Go,” “Pause,” “Road To Paradise,” “Under the Stars” featuring Sabiyha, “Ignite” and “Poem without Words” are all just as amazing.

“Go” is one of my favorites from this album, it is an uplifting track that truly inspires as doesRoad To Paradise” where the harsh tunes blended with the smooth flute seem to represents the struggles we face reaching happiness. Sabiyha has a very unique voice, it is a distinct sound and Shammi Pithia’s composition complemented her voice well in “Under the Stars,” a track in English.

There aren’t enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe the level of amazing Shammi Pithia’s album encompasses. There isn’t one track in this entire LP where I can point to and say, nope that wasn’t anything great. Each track works great on it’s own as well as with the entire LP. If you don’t grab Shammi Pithia’s COSMIC July 21st, you are most definitely missing out!