Posted on July 5, 2014 at 7:51 pm

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Reasons Indians should get Married?

Earlier today #IndianReasonstogetMarried started trending in India! We couldn’t resist and had to share some! We saw a few and had to jot them down because they were so on point! Can you relate to a few of these? We sure can!


1. To change their Relationship status on Facebook #IndianReasonsToGetMarried

2.Go for Honeymoon and post pictures on Facebook.  #IndianReasonsToGetMarried



3. Society will point fingers at you especially if you are an unmarried woman! #IndianReasonsToGetMarried

4. Me: I wanna get a tattoo & cut my hair short. Mom: Shaadi karle, phir Jo chahe karlena. ( Get Married, then you can do whatever you want after marriage) #IndianReasonsToGetMarried

5. To avoid answering the question ‘When are you going to marry?’ #IndianReasonsToGetMarried

6. Mother to son: Beta, I think we need a high qualified maid and some grand-children. #IndianReasonsToGetMarried



7. So that you can be punished for all your wrong deeds during your bachelorhood! #IndianReasonsToGetMarried

8. We want to upload our marriage album on Facebook. #IndianReasonsToGetMarried

9. Your father can’t afford your expenses now, but your husband can –  beta get married. #IndianReasonsToGetMarried

10.Because your Grandma wants to see her 4th Generation!  #IndianReasonsToGetMarried

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