Posted on July 30, 2014 at 2:43 am

Bollywood What's Happenin'

Ranbir Kapoor is hosting a musical night!

With all the shooting and sport playing looks like RK is ready to get in the musical mode!  Taking a breather from his shoot for Jagga Jaasoos and prep for his football team, Ranbir is believed to be adding another way to interact with his audience and fan base and this time it’s using music with an online music streaming website called Saavn,

RK is believed to be hosting an evening celebrating the magic of music. It will be a first of its kind association between RK and Saavn and the evening is said to mark the onset of their musical journey together. India’s top music industry executives and influencers are believed to be in attendance, along with a special musical guest performer.


Says an insider source,

“Coming from an illustrious film banner and background known extensively for their incredible music, RK’s all set to take his love and understanding for music to the next level and unravel a new dimension via his association with Saavn, the future of the digital music experience. He’s believed to be taking keen interest in every aspect of this musical evening and consulting with the core team at Saavn to ensure the evening etches itself in the memory of attendees and becomes a milestone



While no official confirmation came in from any of the parties, is this the start of a new long term association for Ranbir and Saavn? Let’s hope so and maybe we will get to hear RK sing as well? Karoke time with RK! Now that would be EPIC!

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