Posted on July 23, 2014 at 9:06 pm

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Mick St Clair releases "Singh Sardaar" remixes!

UK Bhangra veteran Mick St Clair is back for 2014 with his new single ‘Singh Sardaar’ featuring the vocals of Daljit Mattu. He’s even got 2 remixes to the track! Check it out!

The song is about young people who are proud of their heritage and culture. The message of the song is to feel pride in being sardaars. There are three versions of this single, the original, a desi mix with music by Baldev Mastana and a club mix and reggae mix with music by Third Generation Collective.

Mick St Clair has been a DJ both on the mainstream and on the Asian music scene since he was 15 years of age and there is no doubt that he was the first Asian DJ in the UK. In the 1980’s the Asian music scene came into its own on the club circuit and Mick was the first and foremost DJ to take the club scene by a storm, performing with artists such as Heera, Alaap, Premi, Apache Indian, DCS, Apna Sangeet, Sahotas, Achanak, Pardesi Music Machine and Azaad, to name but a few. He is also a musician in his own right and has found success with his own albums. He has also done some remix albums for other artists/record labels. Mick has a cabinet full of awards to his name as an executive producer and was responsible for hits such as Satrang’s album Bhangra Muffin (winner of Platinum Disc) and Dhol Blasters (winner of Silver Disc)

Now with the release of “Singh Sardaar,” What do you think of this talented artists comeback? Which remix did you like? Let us know!