Posted on July 4, 2014 at 3:44 am

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KA$H shares his 'EPIPHANY’

Growing up in the midst of the concrete jungle where Hip-Hop finds a home, Ka$h (Akash Ahuja) has always been influenced by the lifestyle Hip-Hop embodies. Younger than all his peers, a mere 15 years-old, Ka$h continues to turn out music and for summer 2014, he drop his fourth album Epiphany.











That’s right, Epiphany is Ka$h’s fourth album! For this LP, Ka$h has collaborated with a list of talented individuals. It starts with production done by primarily by Ka$h, but also features Eddie Davis, Abe, and Matt Heff. Eddie Davis also lends his hear to the mixing and mastering of this album.

“Balancing school and my passion for Hip-Hop, I did not want to rush this project. I’ve worked on the lyrics, production, and my delivery. It’s not been an easy journey and people continue to doubt me, but I will prove them wrong. With Epiphany and I am ready to take my career to the next level!” (Ka$h)

RiSK, A-B-E, DUBWROK, Young Henson, and Eddie DavisKa$h makes sure with each new release, he has something fresh to offer his fans. Epiphany is a 19-track release, which was done in the space of 3 days in all of 26 hours. The content of the album took a year to develop as wrote all his lyrics!

His experience has increased his speed and skill in the studio and is turning into a Hip-Hop force!

Check out the tune and tell us what you think!


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