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Jacquleine Frenandez talks Kick!

Salman Khan is set to kick-start this Eid season with the forthcoming action romantic-comedy film ‘Kick’, releasing on 25th July 2014through UTV Motion Pictures. Billed as an awesome, roller-coaster ride of action, intrigue, suspense and romance, Salman Khan leads an impressive ensemble cast in this high-octane, action rom-com. ‘Kick’ is helmed by popular producer-turned-director Sajid Nadiadwala, with the screenplay written by Sajid Nadiadwala and acclaimed author Chetan Bhagat! The leading lady sits down with and talks about how it was like working with the superstar and the film! Check out what Jacquleine Fernandez had to say about the film!

Q:  You have done six films in Bollywood so far and you have never dubbed your lines. For the first time you have dubbed for Kick. How was the experience?

A: Actually, it was very difficult. It was Salman who suggested it to me and I have to say after I was done with it, I felt so great! I was on so much pressure because Salman compared me to Zeenat Aman – even though it was one of the biggest compliments I have ever received I asked him not to say it again.

Kick Movie - Jacqueline Fernandez

Q:  On the day of the ‘Kick’ trailer release you tweeted that it is the happiest day of your life – why is that?

A: I think it is safe to say that it is one of the best phases of my life. My make-up team and my manager have been with me for the past five years and they have seen my highs and lows. But after the trailer launch we all looked at the big screen, seeing myself and Salman, it was something unbelievable. At that point we realised that it could have been anyone but I was lucky enough to be the chosen one. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

Q:  What was it like to work with Salman Khan?

A: I have never seen or known Salman before this. The first day of shooting was the most nerve-wracking day of my life. To be honest, I think everyone was excited but a little bit scared too. We were shooting in Karjat when Salman walked in. It felt like the whole energy on the set had changed. I turned around and saw Salman walking with his whole crew around. He just looked extremely comfortable and confident. I still had this perception of a super star (that it may be very difficult to work with him) so I did not know what to except.  I was afraid that I might do something wrong, but after seven months of filming I can confirm that Salman is very calm and extremely helpful.  This was something I did not expect from him.

Q:  ‘Kick’ is the first movie directed by Sajid Nadiadwala. Do you think he has done a good job?

A: Absolutely! I think he has done the most amazing job with bringing this team together and making sure that the actors feel extremely comfortable, and that the team as a whole works together really well. In my opinion he is captaining the ship really well.

Q:  What was the greatest challenge for your role?

A: I think it has to be the fact that it was such a big movie! You don’t want to disappoint anyone; you don’t want to disappoint your director, your co-stars. You just want to give everything to the movie and want to do your best, to make sure your scenes are great. Also, I really wanted to make sure that I got my character right, I listened to [Sajid] Nadiadwala, went with his brief, did exactly what he asked for.

Q:  How did you feel when you were offered the role?

A: To be honest, I was in shock and disbelief!  That was one of my dreams – to act opposite Salman Khan and seeing my dream come true, it was absolutely amazing.

Q:  Tell us a bit more about your role in ‘Kick’?

A:  I am playing a psychiatrist called Shaina, who is about to marry Indian police officer Himanshu. Neither one of us are looking forward to the arranged marriage, but when we meet on a train we quickly form a firm friendship. We start talking but what we don’t realise is that both of us are talking about the same person who has affected our lives profoundly.

The film is all set to release this Friday on EID! Will you be watching?


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