Posted on July 4, 2014 at 1:58 pm

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I am not a Pakistani Actor says Inaamulhaq!

Actor Inaamulhaq who was seen making his debut with ‘Filmistaan’ has come across a funny incident after the release of the film. Since Inaamulhaq looked quite promising in the role of Aftab- a Pakistani character who makes Hindi Film piracy and sells them cross the border, his character has convinced a lot of people to believe him to be a Pakistani actor. Inaamulhaq being an Indian has managed to get the right accent of a Pakistani in Filmistaan.

IMG_7753 (1)

When asked Inaamulhaq about the people he has come across believing him to be a Pakistani Actor, he laughingly said,

“These days when ever I go out on any theater visit or with my friends, people come to me to congratulate for my performance and get really shocked to know I am an Indian Actor and not a Pakistaani actor. I guess my involvement with the character Afteb convinced people to believe the same. I am an Indian, born and bought up in Saharanpur.”


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