Posted on July 4, 2014 at 7:15 pm

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Armaan Jain says he has no six pack but a FAMILY PACK!

Armaan Jain is in no rush to look super hot with a six pack like the rest of Bollywood and the actor is all about his family! The Kapoors always stick together no matter what it seems! Legendary actor Raj Kapoor’s grandson Armaan Jain, who would be making his Bollywood today with ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ along with co-actor Deeksha Seth, says that though he doesn’t have the perfect six-pack abs as required by the industry, he follows a regular workout regimen. What’s more, the new kid on the block says that he has got a “family pack” in return!

Right on Armaan Jain!

“I’ve got a family pack! There is no six-pack. If (in a film) my character demands, I will work on my body. But I am into sports. I work out daily for two hours besides playing football, cricket and tennis,” said Armaan Jain in a recent interview.



Before facing the camera, Armaan Jain had a small stint behind the camera when he assisted filmmaker Karan Johar. He worked alongside with him learning about creativity, design, production and so much more from Johar. Talking about what he likes more, Armaan said,

“I assisted Karan Johar for three years – during ‘My Name Is Khan’, ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’ and ‘Student Of The Year’. I got very influenced by his direction. I am fascinated with the art of filmmaking. I didn’t go to Karan with the idea that he would launch me…but I went to learn direction.”

The actor further said that while working with Karan he got interested in direction too, though acting has been his first love. And he never thought he would go into acting as he joined being behind the camera much more than being an actor.

“I wish I could go back on the set. I was purely into acting (initially), but when I started learning direction, I got interested in it. I made short films as well, and now I have developed a new passion for direction,” he revealed.

Looks like we might even see an actor turn into a director one day!

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