Posted on July 4, 2014 at 5:04 pm

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Alia Bhatt gives you her version of 'Samjhawan'

We all fell in love with her first song and we all were surprised that she had a voice! To be frank, she is pretty amazing and the quality of her sound is soothing. What many don’t know is that Alia Bhatt loves music as many of us do but she also loves acting. Question is, will she be singing a song for all her films or a cover at least?

It’s a new turn in the B-Town world in the marketing and promoting world when you promote your own film! Shraddha is doing it and so is Alia. Obviously this technique is not for everyone in the Hindi Cinema world. In fact, we are starting to notice how actors are now building a strong craft- and Alia Bhatt is on the right path!

Her song released today – a cover of the song‘Samjhawan’ an unplugged version and it sure to rain some romance as it is Monsoon season in Mumbai! Check the tune out for yourself!

What do you think, Yay or Nay on the tune? Did it make you fall in love again?

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