Posted on July 25, 2014 at 10:02 pm

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8 Reasons why you should see Kick!

The highly anticipated film Kick starring Salman Khan has finally released this Friday! Be it the movie’s super-hit songs, it’s high-end action or the sheer awesomeness of Salmania, one really does not need reasons to watch a Salman Khan movie. But here we are giving you some reasons to catch it THIS WEEKEND:

1. The legendary Salman Khan: There was and is no one more appealing than Salman Khan. His gestures, his dialogue delivery, his action and that jaw dropping body to drool on speaks for him in his films. When you have Salman Khan in a movie, do you really need anything else?

2. The jaw-dropping action scenes: From jumping off the 40th floor of Poland’s tallest building to Salman crashing through a window and cartwheeling his way down, from jumping across buildings, to nonchalantly walking across a railway track with the train just seconds away from mowing him down – all of these are done by Salman himself, without a body double. The stunts are choreographed by Philippe Guegan and Spiro Razatos who have done stunts for The Transporter, Hitman and Taken before.

For the very first time, major action shots of Sajid’s Kick have been shot using drones (mini helicopters). Usually Hollywood films use drones, this is first time in India the makers of the film decided to use drones.

3. Mind-boggling Dialogues: Salman movies are known for their punchy dialogues. After the trailer release, fans are going gaga over the dialogues. Bhai’s most flavoured dialogue

“Mere bare mein itna mat sochna, Dil mein ata hu, samajh mein nahin”

He is also heard saying dialogues like “Woh jeena bhi kya jeena jismein KICK na ho pagli! with such charm that you can’t help but smile.

4. Sajid’s first attempt at direction: Sajid Nadiawala’s debut as a director will surely be great value for money. The ace producer turned director has definitely not left any stone unturned to make his first directorial venture a sure-shot winner. The feel of the film, fabulous star cast and the international standard stunts is already dragging in the crowds in hordes!

Nargis Fakhri & Salman Khan - Kick

5. The insanely hummable songs: The perfect song for the occasion of Eid, ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ is topping the charts ever since its release. Moreover, the movie features three songs sung by Salman himself. What else does a Salman fan need anyways? Not a Salman fan? We’re not sure those exist, but the Devil song by Yo Yo Honey Singh featuring smoking-hot Nargis Fakhri is already making everyone groove on the dance floor. A blockbuster is guaranteed.

6. The scorching and stunning Jacqueline Fernandez: The elegant actress is all set to light up the screen with her sizzling performance. The trailers have already given us a glimpse of the chemistry between Jacqueline and Salman. Her striking smile is driving many hearts wild! And her solo sequence in Jumme Ki Raat – This one is going to leave the jaws of not just men, but a lot of women too! This is the true definition of HOT!

Kick Movie - Jacqueline Fernandez

7. A daredevil super hero named DEVIL: This is the first time Salman will be playing a character that’s mysterious, dark, fatal yet a super hero. Salman’s body-hugging suit is just oomph. This time, it will be DEVIL who will be stealing the hearts.

8. Chetan Bhagat’s debut as a screenplay writer: If you love Chetan Bhagat’s writing, you will surely want to give a KICK a shot. This is his first attempt as a screenplay writer and from what we hear, he’s more than made his mark!

Kick assures to be an absolute entertainer with an appealing plot, edge-of-the-seat stunts, futuristic VFX, scenic locations, hot Jacqueline and heartthrob Salman. So don’t fit this into your weekend plan, plan your weekend around Kick! 

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