Posted on June 13, 2014 at 12:14 am

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Shiamak Davar talks DANCE and IIFA!

Now that the show is being broadcasted to over 800 million people Shiamak and his team of dancers and teachers who performed aren’t stopping just yet! As they launched in America for the first time at IIFA in Tampa they were not only were excited about but they are in the works of opening up more workshops and classes across the United States! So dance lovers and Bolly fans you might want to keep an eye on this as Shiamak Dance studio will be in the process of planning some fun classes across the USA!

We had a chat with Shaimak and how it was when he had his team perform at IIFA in America for the very first time. Check out our exclusive chat with SD!

How does it feel now that you have showcased Shiamak Productions in America for the first time when IIFA launched in Tampa in April of this year?

We were thrilled to be a part of IIFA awards this year in America which is the hub of culture and the performing arts. The response was overwhelming. It was great to see how well Bollywood was received in USA. The biggest stars from Bollywood performed and the fans got to witness one of the finest shows. This is just the beginning of a culture connect and I’m glad this start has been made!

Now that it has showcased in USA, any plans of opening more camps for students to learn dance and participate in learning Bollywood Choreography?

I’ve got a lot of mails from USA with requests to start my dance school. We did a dance competition to give locals a chance to dance and experience The IIFA Awards and they said they hadn’t seen Bollywood Dancing like this ever before! So this year I’m starting my dance school in New York with workshops across the country. Really looking forward to this!We are extending our Dance school branch in USA starting from east coast in New york & New Jersey and later expanding to west coast. We will not only teach them Bollywood choreography but will also give them an opportunity to dance onstage like a Bollywood star in the student dance recital.




You have been known to teach many actors in India how to dance and might we add a few legends as well. How do you build your craft and where do you get your inspiration from when you think of new ideas and steps?

I think all of have a reason for our existence. We choose this life with a mission and I think performing arts is that for me. If you do what you’re created for, it will come naturally to you. I’ve never tried to be someone else or do something that isn’t me, I think that is what people like…. originality. The stars who have trained under me have always given me their hundred percent, their commitment, their focus and energy inspires me .Music inspires me the most; I just make music come alive with dance!

The motto ‘Have Feet, will dance’ epitomizes your dance philosophy. What do you think attracts people to Shiamak, irrespectively age or/and gender?

Dance makes people disconnect from all worries. Once they enter the dance class, they dance in the moment and let their spirit free. No one is judged when they come to my dance school… age, gender, where they come from… there is no discrimination. They just learn dance and technique in a fun, stress free environment. My instructors are trained to make everyone feel special. That’s why after every batch of classes, we do student shows they everyone gets a chance to dance like a star on stage! For me when students come to dance classes they feel a complete Sole to Soul experience.

Bollywood or as many call it, Hindi Cinema is all about dance and song which make up a movie. Hollywood and USA throw on musicals and Broadway shows which consist of Dance and music. Have you ever thought of conducting or launching a Bollywood musical show in USA?

Bollywood films are musicals of sorts! Songs and Dance are an essential part on Indian Cinema and people love it! In fact music and dance is a celebration of life, so it is important in our regular lives as well.  I’ve grown up watching Broadway and have acted in a lot of musicals in India and in Vancouver. As a choreographer, my Bollywood production Stars of Bollywood has been received very well in Australia and Canada, so hopefully should bring this to the USA. In fact the Musical Zangoora at Kingdom of Dreams in Delhi has finished more than 1800 shows. To be a part with a Musical or Broadway in USA will be exciting and give me and my dance team to show the world so much that we have to offer.

If you had to choose one Hollywood actor to teach a full on dance in Los Angeles who would it be and why?

There are so many personal favorites in Hollywood and I was so excited to meet John Travolta. If had to teach a full dance I would teach the Diva – Madonna who I feel is a complete entertainer. Hugh Jackson is very talented and hope one day can teach him the Bollywood moves, he is a natural on stage and a great actor.

You taught John Travolta the dance at IIFA, how was that experience and did you two ever exchange any thoughts and ideas about dance since he is quite a dancer himself?

We’ve all grown up watching dance based films like Saturday Night Fever and Grease. In fact I’ve played John Travolta’s character Danny in Grease. So for me, this was all too surreal! I was like a child, extremely excited! I took his popular moves and gave it a Bollywood twist. He was so sweet and it was an absolute pleasure choreographing him.

We hear that you had a special guest at IIFA by the name of Beto who founded Zumba! Do you have any plans to work in the future with him?

Beto was our guest at IIFA Tampa. It was great to meet him and we really connected. He is such a nice guy, a true ambassador of dance. I really admire him for what he has done for dance and dance fitness globally with Zumba. We have this mutual admiration thing going on coz I am also all for dance, all about dance. 50 of my dance instructors are now Zumba certified, and they will be teaching Zumba at my dance schools across India. This is a just the beginning of the Beto – Shiamak friendship, and the Zumba – SHIAMAK association.


Selcouth performance 3 (1)

The SHIAMAK brand has grown phenomenally over the years. What do you think has led to its incredible success and popularity?

I had no idea that it would become a movement! I just did what I knew best and started off with just seven students, five of whom were family and friends! I think people find themselves when they come to the dance school. They learn to appreciate and accept themselves. My priority has been dance education, giving dance enthusiasts a space where they learn from the best in a fun environment. It’s like one big family. It’s a combination of educating people in dance, entertaining them with shows and a larger than life experience, and empowering them to have faith in their ability that has made this place what it is today

What’s next for Shiamak Productions and Dance Academy in 2014?

My production Selcouth has finished almost seventeen shows in Mumbai. This month I’m choreographing Star Parivaar Awards so that will keep my busy through June. Have  been traveling all over India to attend the student shows at my dance school- Summer Funk shows. Choreographing a film also but can’t comment on it yet, but that’s something I’m looking forward to.

Any last comments or words for your dance fans across the globe?

Have a genuine desire for dance and then follow your passion. You will know your calling, so follow it and work towards it. There is never a substitute for hard work. And most importantly, be yourself no matter what they say!

So ladies and gents – be sure to stick around as IIFA launches on Star Plus this Saturday worldwide and check out all the dancers and performers which SD has choreographed for the show! You might catch the bug and get up and start DANCING while watching the show but don’t blame us – it’s a good bug to catch!