Posted on June 6, 2014 at 4:24 am

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Saif Ali Khan playing mediator in Karishma Kapoor's divorce

For quite some time there have been rumors of Karishma Kapoor’s divorce with her industrialist husband, Sanjay Kapur. After many years of marriage, 2 children and living separately for a while, the couple is finally legalizing their divorce. It seems that Karishma’s brother-in-law and friend, Saif Ali Khan, has been pushing the couple towards an amicable divorce. kareena-kapoor-saif-ali-khan-celebrate-karisma-birthday-34998 Having gone through the same thing himself, it has been heard that Saif Ali Khan has been trying to persuade Karishma and Sanjay to end as friends. Saif Ali Khan has been trying to keep the peace between both feuding parties. Years ago Saif Ali Khan also separated from his wife, Amrita Singh after having 2 children also. If rumors are to be believed Karishma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapur separated after the birth of their first child in 2005, they allegedly reconciled and then had their son. Unfortunately rumors of Sanjay Kapur’s infidelity have been spreading wildly, their marriage was in turmoil and Karishma decided to live in Mumbai with her two children. Finalizing this divorce is a big step and it seems that Karishma Kapoor’s lucky enough to have her family’s support and guidance.