Posted on June 16, 2014 at 5:33 am

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Pakistan Superstar making a revolution in Pakistani Music Industry

Pakistan Superstar is Pakistan’s first ever digital music reality show. The show is a project of Walnut Studios (subsidiary of Walnut Media) and is supported by Universal Music Publishing Group. 

Individuals from all over Pakistan were encouraged to send their entries on the website ( The team of Pakistan Superstar received 3000 entries and top ten individuals were selected on the basis of ‘social’ voting. These top 10 contestants were from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Bahawalpur.


The whole concept of Pakistan Superstar was to move away from the typical episodic flow of the reality show and to start a show which will give the power to the audience and not the judges. Contestants would be judged solely on the basis of their talent and no other superficial factors.

Pakistan Superstar gave each contestant a chance to perform two songs of their choice, one in each phase. The team aimed to harness the talent of young individuals by giving them a chance to perform their own rendition of renowned songs. Some of the best session players of Pakistan were selected to form the house band to perform with the contestants, giving them an opportunity of a lifetime.

Throughout the show, voting lines were open and individuals were encouraged to extend their support to their favourite contestants by voting on Social platforms, Website & Mobile. With the support of platforms (Facebook & Soundcloud) – social was used as a voting mechanism to select the top 3 candidates. Short code could be messaged 4474 to vote as well. IVR was another method where individuals could not only vote but listen and dedicate songs of their favourite contestants to their loved ones.



An upcoming artist usually needs to invest money to book a studio, get his/her song recorded, release it on desired platforms and then earn money from it. With a platform like that of Pakistan Superstar, the artist does not need to spend money in booking a studio as that cost is invested by the team of Pakistan Superstar. This opens doors of endless opportunities for talented musicians to showcase their talent and make it big in this competitive industry, making Pakistan Superstar a game changer in a country Pakistan.


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