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Luv releases his first album 'THIS SIDE OF LUV'

We always try and support new talent and talent which many aren’t familiar with. We have been keeping an eye on one Punjabi singer based in Canada and this weekend he releases his full album to the public! We caught up with him and talked about his album which has a ton of collaborations along with future projects in movies! Check out our exclusive sit down with Luv! Be sure to catch his album This Side of Luv now out on iTunes!

Thanks for speaking with UA about your first album!

First of all congrats on the major success of releasing your first album!

For many who don’t know who Luv is tell us about your background and how you started becoming a singer and why you choose Panjabi Music?

HMMM…Where do I start? Born in the UK currently residing in Vancouver Canada. Quite simply a man who loves to create music, write music and last of all sling music. My passion for the art of entertaining came in Oct 2, 1982 really, when Mr. Amitabh Bachchan the legend performed and I was lucky enough to attend the concert, He was the 1st artist to take Indian Cinema out of India and show it to the world. Once I saw and luckily enough to meet him. I realized one thing I want to sing dance and entertain the masses …. Music has no language or boundaries … Punjabi, Hindi. Gujarati …it’s all the same to my ears cause it not want is spoken it is what is felt and that is the beat. I am very proud of my culture and upbringing as a Punjabi…. I have notice over the 10+ years in this field that the young or next generation has slowly turned away from our music and culture… I decided that as long as the music has a good beat kids will listen and then in turn want to learn about and be proud of the roots!!!


This album is your first full fledge album and you have collaborated with a few artist. What made you choose these particular artists and why did you choose them?

Great question… to be honest, I chose or asked these artists like Bikram Singh, Inder Kooner, Raju Johal , Gagan Sharma and Battle Katt to collaborate because each one them are brilliant in their own right. They all bring something to the table they are genuine people and yet they are so fun to work with and at the same time so very professional ….I was the lucky one that they said yes… when you hear the tracks and watch the video …. You will notice the how good vocally and on camera they are.

You also have been performing around Canada and US lately releasing songs from your album. What has been the response in regards to your latest music you have released to the public?

Wow… I have been the luckiest man alive ….. My fans have supported any endeavors I have been associated with… from my songs in a film to my music to shows and now to this album …

I am very blessed and I thank the powers above for all what I have received in this career…so far. People have been so intrigued by my music and when I show them…I sit back and watch there reaction too a track or video… they tapping there feet and one person actually started dancing  That’s when you know you have made something special for them …. I want everybody to listen then walk away and say I actually related to that!

You have one track which is remixed by DJ Shadow Dubai who is a well known DJ in Dubai. What made you choose him versus other producers who remix music?

I have been a very big fan of Shadows for many years now. He soaks his mind through his music. I was one day speaking to Manj Ral (Manj Musik) formerly RDB I asked him. I said

I need a remix of a track on the album and he said right away DJ shadow Dubai. And if Manj says something you know its going to be a great referral and honestly it was.  We have done 2 tracks next one will be out very soon on the next album!

All Dj’s are good but there is something very special about Shadow ….listen to him …. you will agree with me!

Each track has a meaningful inspiration to it and can you tell your fans and listeners about what inspired you to write these tracks?

Each track has a special meaning to me…. It was a different part of life experiences some good some bad and some just brilliant ….An artist has to make his/her own artistic profile… and mine is about my life experiences…..biggest thing is it was from my heart …. And I proud to say …. I felt good doing it!!!

How did you come with the name of the album?

In life we all go through ups and downs, and I felt that this truly shows my true reflections on life… It really shows…. THIS SIDE OF LUV…. we all have 2 sides Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hyde – Ill let you all pick which one I am! Lol! Good side I hope.

We also hear you might be doing a few songs for a few upcoming films? Or is that a rumor that we are not aware of! 

Hmm. It is true but I don’t want to talk about it until it is out but I have done some major film projects like Man Push Cart Pink Ladoo and Murder Unveiled … all western Feature Films/ Documentaries….Mumbai is next…stay tuned ..LOL!

You also teamed up with Nick Chowalia. How was it like working alongside with him on many of the tracks in the album?

It was an experience of a lifetime! Nick is a true professional and has a great feel for what the people want, he has a talent that even surprises himself sometimes. It’s nice to work with a producer that understands what you as a artist is looking for. As I stated he is a musical genius and believe when you hear all of the different vibes on the album that he produced you will truly understand how good my bro is!


Lastly where can fans and listens find you and what in store for 2014 after the release of the album?

I am probably one of the easiest artists to get a hold of…lol my website will direct you too all my social sites and contact information. I believe after the album release and I truly see the response, I will accept the multiple touring offers I have received. I really want to get in the public faces and entertain for them. I want them to put their dancing shoes on and leave their worries at the door and let loose on the dance floor. I want them to experience the enjoyment that I had making the music. I want people that haven’t heard about me to tell the local promoters to bring me to there city and see what I am so passionate about and that is too make people enjoy their few hours with me and go home and say damn that was so much fun. Life is too short so we must all enjoy the precious time that we have on this beautiful Earth of ours.

2014/ 2015 is going to be a big year- jump on the train with me and join the ride- I will promise one thing you will not want to get off. Much Love and Respect to Urban Asian, Miss Roshni and to the team and to all that are reading this and have supported me as without you us artists are well – nothing! Love to you all and stay blessed LUV!

Thanks for speaking to!

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