Posted on June 6, 2014 at 3:29 am

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Japjit Kaur debut's "Jalte Hai Dil" with her mother-in-law?

Having dominated the stage for nearly a decade, Japjit Kaur is all set to release her highly-anticipated debut single ‘Jalte Hain Dil’. The track has an ultra-catchy, memorable tune, it’s got great meaningful lyrics, and its production is second to none. The Indian classically trained singer-songwriter raises the bar with this refreshing and toe-tapping track, what do you guys think? Check out the sleek new video!

Japjit’s debut single “Jalte Hain Dil” is not what you would expect from the diva with the big ballad voice. Produced under Buzz-erk Records, her new track explores the pop-rock genre for the very first time. Built off the success of songs like Ur Jaa, Sapano Se Pucho and Baavaria, all written and performed by Kaur for the award-winning and critically acclaimed British composer and musician Niraj Chag, “Jalte Hain Dil” delivers an upbeat modern tune, juxtaposed against a stylish retro video that features Japjit in a double role.

jalte hai dil

The song is infectiously fun and entertaining, yet the lyrics and video suggest a more serious and dark undertone. Depicting a strained relationship between a man and woman and her mother-in-law, the brilliantly shot video by the award winning AJ Chag, is a subversive and contradictory portrayal of the song but has a large dose of comedy and humour that makes it interesting and compulsive viewing.

‘Jalte Hain Dil’ releases on Thursday 12th June via iTunes and other digital stores, be sure to get it!