Posted on June 26, 2014 at 2:09 am

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Jankee gives you Galliyan on the Mumbai Metro!

Every once in a while, something unexpected will come out of nowhere and take your breath away. And trust me it did with this video! With a resonating and powerful yet silky voice, striking looks and charisma in abundance, JANKEE is without a question that unexpected “something” – a mainstream performing artist with the heart and soul of an Indie. Singer, Stage Performer, Voiceover Artist and recently lead actor on a Broadway musical, JANKEE has adorned many hats with great aplomb. If you don’t know her then you should!

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Having done more than 300 concerts in India and worldwide, collaborating with artists like Atif Aslam, Shreya Ghoshal, Shankar Ehsaan Loy and performing alongside International acts such as T-Paine, Sean Paul and Kelly Rowlands, she has created her own niche and become the de facto concert artist in a short span of just four years.

She recently came out with a cover song from the movie ‘Ek Villian’ which comes out this weekend worldwide! She did a cover of ”Galliyan Revisited” from the film ‘ Ek Villian’. Shot guerrilla style on the new Metro with her cellphone , this one’s her tribute to the Mumbai Metro. Mumbai Metro opened up recently in India and many stars and singers are taking this platform to promote better transportation due to heavy traffic on trains in mumbai. It’s a clean and friendly environment as you can tell from the video itself! Not only has she been able to sing so wonderfully in the video but she has made it in her own style! Check out how she sang the song, it’s different and her voice will blow you away! The video shows her walking inside the metro train and wearing Dre Beats on her head while singing the tune. You might just fall in love again just hearing the song and watching the video!

Tell us what you think – because this chick is one to watch out for! Check out all of Jankee work on her site here!

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