Posted on June 24, 2014 at 12:04 am

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Imran Khan drops by for music video for film 'Pizza'

It’s time to rock to the reggae beats of Gimme Pizza, the new music video just shot by the makers of the much-awaited 3D horror thriller, Pizza. Sung by Ankur Tewari and music composed by Mikey McCleary, the video has been directed by Sajid Shaikh, who had earlier directed the DK Bose video from Delhi Belly.

The psychedelic video, punctuated with film footage, features the film’s leading man Akshay Oberoi, who gets a call for a pizza delivery and goes zipping across the city to make the delivery. Back in the pizza kitchen we see a band jamming to Gimme Pizza and slowly turning into ghosts!!

imran khan and akshay oberoi


imran and akshay 2

akshay and band

The team was recently shooting the video in Mumbai and were in for a BIG surprise…actor Imran Khan, who acted in Delhi Belly and also featured in the DK Bose video, dropped in to meet his buddies, Akshay Oberoi & Sajid Shaikh and wish them the very best.

Pizza, a 3D horror thriller, directed by Akshay Akkikeni and produced by UTV Spotboy & Getaway Films, will release on 18th July’14.

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