Posted on June 7, 2014 at 6:17 pm

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IIFA Brings together Shiamak Davar and Zumba'z Beto!

The 15th annual IIFA Awards were full of firsts – it was the first time Kevin Spacey attended a Bollywood event, it was the first time Siddharth Malhotra performed the show, and it was the first time two dance gurus met!

Shiamak Davar is renowned as India’s dance guru, choreographing the IIFA Awards for ten years, countless films including classics like “Dil to Pagal Hai” and “Dhoom 2,” and international events like the Commonwealth Games. Besides that, he is the Founder of one of the largest dance institutions in the world The Shiamak Davar Dance Movement. Coming up the ranks of the industry at a time when dance was disregarded, Shiamak takes great pride in how far the art form has come, saying

“Dance has been given respect, real respect.”

UrbanAsian had the rare opportunity to catch up with Shiamak before the big show in Tampa, and much to our surprise, were joined by a welcomed guest Beto Perez, also known as the Co-Founder of Zumba.

“I think we talk the same language,” Beto told UrbanAsian of his first impression of Shiamak. “You know, we have the same passion for dancing, for music, for deep happiness of the people.”

Leading the dance-fitness revolution with his Latin and Reggaethon-inspired moves, Beto has created his own movement with Zumba, one that can now be played as a video game on Xbox, Playstation and Wii!

Shiamak admits, at first, he thought “Zumba would be a fad or a phase,” quickly revising his thoughts after attending some classes and realizing, “this is something that will stay for long because it is very from the heart.”

The unique encounter with two modern-day dance legends didn’t end there. Both Shiamak and Beto were excited to show UrbanAsian audiences, as well as each other, the magic behind their moves, giving us a personal dance session.

So the real question is: will Shiamak and Beto be working together in the near future?

“The future is fusion,” Beto says, adding “I want to know your country, I want to know your culture, everything. I’m ready to go and ready to work with you [Shiamak] whenever you want.”

It seems Shiamak is open to a collabo, as well.

“I’m available for Beto.

Written by : Natasha Chandel