Posted on June 26, 2014 at 1:09 am

Music What's Happenin'

Haji Springer’s “Preet” featuring Bohemia and Pree Mayall Out Now!

The wait is finally over as Haji Springer’s single “Preet” is now out and available on iTunes! Haji Springer collaborates with Bohemia and Pree Mayall on his production. Describing this song as the summer banger to launch a new era of Desi Hip-Hop music, the artists behind this track use sharp visuals and pops of color to bring this song to life. Check it out!

Haji’s quick and precise rap takes the center of this track while Bohemia allows his signature Punjabi flow to follow. Rounding out the song is Pree Mayall’s melodic chorus, which will make the ladies swoon. Three individual powerhouses on one track and on set for the music video – the music continues to leverage the sense of family and community on the Hip-Hop scene. The mission behind all Haji Springer does is to establish a respectful Desi Hip-Hop community built on genuine talent and no gimmicks.

As an artist, Haji Springer has been developing his skills and working on multiple projects. Now he takes center stage with a sound comparable to none. “Preet” is the follow-up release to Haji’s production “Brand New Swag” for Bohemia and it truly is just the beginning. Continue to support the Desi music movement by supporting “Preet.” Get your copy of the single on iTunes and share the video.

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