Posted on June 14, 2014 at 2:39 am

Bollywood What's Happenin'

Arjun's exotic surprise for Mehr!

Actors are always shooting and never get a chance to spend time with loved ones and the kids! But some actors always make a point to spend time with the ones they love and the dashing Arjun Rampal has done so. Arjun Rampal is busy planning a special treat for the three women in his life. The actor who is busy shooting for Roy is planning a short holiday once he is done with it.


The actor who celebrated his 16th anniversary with wife Mehr has been busy shooting for Roy since March. After he is done shooting for the film, Arjun plans to take his wife and kids for an exotic holiday and he refuses to divulge more details about the location. He plans to take them to one of his favorite destinations and reveals a bit about them.

“I like London and New York for their cosmopolitan character and Paris because it is modern and ancient at the same time.” France and Italy are also on his wish list and he hopes to explore more of Europe soon. “I want to travel for a month’s vacation to these countries and savour the delicacies. I don’t mind breaking my diets to try out the local culinary treats there.”

Well isn’t she a lucky gal! Congrats on the anniversary and be sure to take your wife out on those exotic places!

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