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The Global Corporate Awards 2014 Ceremony!

The Global Corporate Awards ceremony 2014 was held with great enthusiasm at Tampa, Florida on April 26, 2014 Saturday at the prestigious University Club, the oldest and most prestigious club in Tampa, Florida. It was a by invitation only, tuxedo event. Who’s Who of the Global Corporate World got recognized for their accomplishments.


The Global Corporate Awards is the prestigious and exclusive international platform to recognize and salute the achievers of the Global Corporate World. The Global Corporate Awards is the exclusive platform which recognizes the corporate achievers worldwide by honoring them with prestigious awards. The Global Corporate Awards recognizes, applauds and salutes those achievers and leaders who have made their mark. Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce (AICC), USA, India Business Group (IBG), Sino European Commercial Center (SINO), Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (MACCIA), Indo American Society, Ajay Bohora and Amit Bohora are the organizers of the Global Corporate Awards 2014.

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In his opening remarks, President of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Amit Bohora said,

“The future belongs to those who are bold and who are willing to think about the big bets that need to be made to seize the opportunities. It belongs to those who remain focused on their goals despite uncertainties. Global Corporate Awards recognize such leaders across all businesses & professions and acknowledge their accomplishments. Appropriate recognition and applause to the achievers not only encourage them to move ahead, but they inspire many others to go on and achieve new milestones.”

Special address was delivered by the Mayor of Tampa, Mr. Bob Buckhorn, who said,

“IIFA 2014 is an initiative towards presenting Tampa as the emerging and attractive Tier2 city as the business destination for the global investment.” Mayor Buckhorn further added, “This is not the end, this is the beginning.”

The Global Corporate Awards presented Excellence in Public Service Award to Mayor Bob Buckhorn and for his trend setting accomplishments; Dr. Kiran Patel won the Global Corporate Awards for Healthcare and Philanthropy.


Dr. Kiran Patel, who brought IIFA Awards to Tampa, Florida, USA said,

“To be successful you have to breath, drink and live it 24×7, 365 days a week.”

He discussed his trend setting journey from being born in Zambia to medical degree in India to medical residency in New York to starting and acquiring various businesses to being a trend setter all along which finally resulted in bringing the first ever IIFA awards in the USA to his home town Tampa. Dr Patel also acknowledged his son Shilen Patel’s initiative to bring in the Global Corporate Awards to Tampa.


There was an inspiring Panel Discussion during the Awards ceremony. The Panel of Speakers included:

• His Excellency Ambassador Abulkalam Momen, United Nations

• Jerry Koehler, Ph. D., Professor at University of South Florida

• Dr. Ramchandra Naik, MD, DM, DNB, Merck & Co. Inc.

• Basant Sharma, Ph. D., Vice President, API Large Molecule, Johnson & Johnson Ltd.


The panelists discussed various Global Emerging Trends during the discussion and participants got their questions answered. His Excellency Ambassador   said “In order to resolve global problems it’s very important for the United Nations to integrate the corporate sector to have the global impact since the funding gap for developmental goals is quite wide.” Prof. Koehler who has served as Deputy Secretary of Labor for the State of Florida participated in the panel discussion by highlighting the importance of leveraging the power of analytics and the brain power of the world. Dr. Basant Sharma said

“it’s important to cure disease than just managing it.”

He further, he noted that the digital global access to the world has been bringing in transformation. Dr. Naik, an endocrinologist, highlighted new developments dealing with diabetes.


One of organizers Mr. Ajay Bohora said,

“Almost every organization needs to learn, unlearn, reinvent and innovate. Unrelated and seemingly very different industries have been opening up sets of opportunities and threats to almost all organizations. It’s therefore, inevitable for individuals and corporates to interact with and learn from people and organization’s which appear to be unrelated. With that context, the Global Corporate Awards is very proud to present this global platform where achievers from diverse industries get recognized. They get opportunities to network across industries.”

The Global Corporate Awards, 2014 award winners include President of General Assembly of United Nations Mr. John Ashe, past Deputy Labor Secretary of the State of Florida, corporate achievers from Merck Inc., Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) etc., The award winners travelled in from states of New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and all the way from India.


The Global Corporate Awards 2014 Winners include the following:


Award Category: International Development, Peace & Harmony

The Winner: H.E. John W. Ashe, President, General Assembly of the United Nations


Award Category: Academia

The Winner: Jerry Koehler, Ph. D., Ex Secretary of Labor, State of Florida


Award Category: Nano Technology

The Winner: Dr. Shyam Mohapatra, Associate Dean & Chairman & CEO, USF, TransGenxNanobiotech


Award Category: Excellence in Public Service

The Winner: Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Mayor of Tampa


Award Category: Healthcare & Philanthropy

The Winner: Dr. Kiran Patel, who got IIFA Awards to Tampa, Florida


Award Category: Scientist

The Winner: Basant Sharma, Ph. D., Vice President Api Large Molecule Development, Johnson & Johnson


Award Category: Excellence (I.T. Security)

The Winner: Rahul Bhardwaj, IT Security Manager, FIS Global


Award Category: Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Winner: Shantanu Bhadkamkar, Managing Director, A.T.C. (Clearing & Shipping) Pvt. Ltd.


Award Category: Information Technology

The Winner: CIO, EWIE (East West Industrial Engineering) Co., Inc.


Award Category: Healthcare & Community Service

The Winner: Paramita Das, Controller, Clean the World


Award Category: Insurance (Life)

The Winner: Bimal Shah, CEO, Rajparth Group of Companies


Award Category: Scientist and Academia

The Winner: Dr. Saleh M. Rahman (Sezan Mahmud), Professor, Public Health & Clinical Research faculty, A & M University


Award Category: Insurance (P & C)

The Winner: Paresh Patel, CEO, Homeowners Choice Insurance


Award Category: Public & Community Service

The Winner: Nirmal K. Sinha, Ph. D., Director of Business Development, Southeast Asia, Floyd Browne International


Award Category: Healthcare & Global Impact

The Winner: Dr. Ramachandra Naik, Clinical Director, Merck & Co., Inc.


Award Category: Interior Designer

The Winner: Sanjay Lunawat, CMD, Knchan Infrastructures Ltd.


Award Category: Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Winner: Rupesh Srivastava, President & CEO, Youngsoft Inc. & H2H Solutions Inc.


Award Category: Healthcare & Community Service

The Winner: Dr. Dinesh Daftary,

Congrats to all the winners!

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