Posted on May 4, 2014 at 5:26 am

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‘Moms' Favorite’ Kartik Aaryan !

It is rare for male newcomers now-a-days to be adored by mothers, who find it difficult to look beyond their favorite superstars. However, Kartik Aaryan has achieved the impossible.

Kartik Aaryan’s breakthrough performance in Kaanchi has turned him into an all rounder. He is believed to have not only created a sensation among female fans, but has also found a special place in the hearts of mothers since the release of his film. It appears that mothers have applauded his presence on screen and absolutely adore him. One mother even was overheard saying that she would want a son-in-law like Kartik. We would call that the ultimate complement.


Mothers have taken a liking for Kartik because of his honest performance as Binda in Kaanchi. His delightful charm has won them over with his presence off screen too. Kartik recently appeared in shows like Comedy nights with Kapil and Dance India Dance Lil Masters for promoting his film, where he kept the participants truly motivated. His off and on screen aura has awed not only young women, but mothers too, who have become extremely fond of him. Kartik has surely accomplished the tough task of being ‘mom’s favorite’.

He’s not so bad looking either! What you think ladies?