Posted on April 9, 2014 at 11:57 pm

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Vivek Oberoi talks IIFA and hosting!

As IIFA gears up we see that fans across the globe are getting excited as it’s only days away! Well the actors in Bollywood are also gearing up for the event with rehearsing and making the event one to remember as it heads to America for the first time!

We spoke to Vivek Oberoi on the phone earlier last week and he was very excited about hosting IIFA Rocks which is coming to Tampa, Fl this April! In a few weeks stars will be flooding in Tampa Bay with glitz and glam and not only is Bollywood coming but a few Hollywood actors will be in attendance! And not only is he hosting it so is Gauhar Khan who won Bigg Boss this past season!

Yes, that’s right both worlds in one area – that alone in Tampa Bay! Pretty exciting! We had a chance to speak with Vivek about Tampa and hosting the event and what his thoughts were about IIFA heading to America for the first time! – First of all, thanks for taking the time to speak with us at

Vivek Oberoi: Thanks so much and it’s good speaking to you as well!

UrbanAsian: Congrats on your nomination for Krrish 3 at IIFA this year!

Vivek Oberoi: Thanks very much and so happy to be nominated for a great film!

UrbanAsian: So how excited are you to host IIFA in Tampa let alone in America for the first time?

Vivek Oberoi:  I think its an incredible opportunity as America has a major fan base for Hindi Cinema and it’s great to see IIFA go to different places each year and let us connect with all our fans in different places. I am very excited about hosting the event in Tampa for the first time and can’t wait to meet all my fans across the globe and in the United States. IIFA helps and build great cross-overs to it will be fun to host and truly excited for it!



UrbanAsian: What do you look forward to in the states and have you been to Florida before?

Vivek Oberoi : I have family in Florida and have been to Tampa several times and the beaches are great the golf courses are amazing but let me tell you about the ‘luv bugs’ , not a fan of those but I do remember those bugs! ‘Do you still have them’ (laughs).

UrbanAsian: Yes, we have them (laughs) – but not to worry that season is not here while you are here! Thankfully! Any upcoming films that we should be looking out for this year?

Vivek Oberoi: Well I am super excited because I just voiced for Spider Man 2! I am very excited about it and can’t wait for the release! I will be Electro’s voice in the Hindi version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I have always been a huge fan of the Spider-Man comics and films and am thrilled to see that the franchise has just grown bigger and better with each film. I have been tremendously excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2′s release ever since the first trailer came out, and when I was offered to voice Electro for the Hindi version, I was immediately interested in this unique opportunity. Max Dillon/Electro is an immensely fascinating and complex character and it will be interesting to face off with Spider-Man. After my turn as super villain Kaal in Krrish 3 this is just the icing on the cake.I have already begun dubbing and am looking forward to the film’s release on May 1st!.” I am also a huge fan of Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx who played Electro In the original English version! So very excited for it! :Who are you looking forward to see perform at IIFA this year?

Vivek Oberoi: Everyone! I look forward to seeing everyone perform and cannot wait for it to be in Tampa Florida. This should be one great and rocking week at IIFA and I am eagerly excited about it! I am very excited to see all the fans as well!  Your role in the film The Company is considered one of the best roles in Hindi Cinema – when would you be doing a role like that again?

Vivek Oberoi: First of all Thank you so much for the kind words and second well it depends because these type of scripts just come and aren’t planned but I would love to do a role like this again if given the chance. :Are you bringing back India’s biggest Dramebaaz show as it became a major hit in America?

Vivek Oberoi: Yes, glad you asked that as we are brining it back and we do see that it is a popular show in America and I will be part of it again. Yes we are about to shoot in June -July and can’t wait for the Dramebaaz! So Kevin Spacey is attending IIFA as well and planning on having a IIFA acting workshop with Vidya Balan, how excited are you about a well known Hollywood actor coming to IIFA and attending and let alone teaching a major workshop?

Vivek Oberoi: I am very excited about that as well, I am a huge fan of Kevin Spacey – he has done some incredible work and I watch House of Cards a lot in fact I am on my second season right now! (Do you watch it?)

Me: Yes, its a very addictive show!

VO: Yes, so he is a very great actor and very excited to meet him at IIFA.

UrbanAsian: Lastly,  anything we should know about and look forward to when you are hosting at IIFA in Tampa Bay for your fans across USA and Tampa who are attending?

Vivek Oberoi: We all can’t wait to get to Tampa, Florida and perform and see all the fans! It’s going to be a magical event!