Posted on April 25, 2014 at 12:04 am

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The art of making your own protein bar

A quick snack? A long hike? No breaks in between work? Student life?

Answer: Fast food or protein bars .


In this fast and crazy life, humans give priority to work than to what goes in their body. This in turn, not only increases the amount of fast food chains but also increases obesity, heart attacks, diabetes, mood swings, depression and more. Diet and environmental chemicals alone sum up to 95% of the reasons for cancer. So, we have one section of people who think fast food is the best, and the other side who want to eat healthy but end up consuming protein bars.  Protein bars are definitely not the worst, but they aren’t the best, and definitely do not work in the long term.

Chocolate covered granola bars, peanut butter high protein bars, dry fruits and nuts bars, whey protein bars, rock climbers bars and crazy bars!! The list of products invented and marketed is pretty much never ending and crazy! We as consumers must and should be able to have the patience to differentiate between what is a marketing technique and what is reality. Now, what is the problem with these bars?

  1. High fructose corn syrup
  2. Dry fruits contain insane amount of sugar and it can be added sugar
  3. Whey protein is not natural and doesn’t do great for your body in the long run
  4. Nuts and seeds used in bars are not easily digestible and not absorbed as they are not sprouted. Sprouting helps to eliminate the enzyme inhibitors and increases nutrition.
  5. Chocolate and vanilla frosting thrown on top to make it look enticing and yummy is not healthy

These are just a few pointers on what is wrong. The point is you can make your own healthy bars and not spend $$$ on bars which are not only unhealthy but creates a hole in your wallet and arteries.


  • Find a base – Almonds, walnuts, coconut, brazil nut, cashew nuts,sunflower seeds, buckwheat groats ( make sure they are all soaked and sprouted )
  • Choose a sweetener- Dates, palm sugar,banana, Honey
  • More protein: Add raw protein powders- Sunwarrior is my favorite
  • Some salt? – Himalayan sea salt, sea weed

All you have to do is process them and refrigerate it. It’s not just fun, but it is a learning experience – to understand different flavor combinations, different textures and color combinations.

This is simply art- Make your own!