Posted on April 7, 2014 at 3:46 am

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Tampa get ready to be 'Shiamak Styled'!

In exactly THREE WEEKS, Tampa is going to be in for a night of a lifetime when IIFA 2014 shows off the best of the best in Hindi cinema at Raymond James Stadium!

Sure the awards are important, but the audience will really be there to see the dazzling performances by their favorite stars! The man behind the magic will be choreographer extraordinaire, Shiamak Davar!

Shiamak Davar1


Known as the Guru of Contemporary dance in India, he has been responsible for adding a modern touch to India’s dance scene through his “Shiamak Style” of dance. Shiamak has shared the stage with famous artists such as Sting and Bryan Adams and has been a part of Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

ghost protocol

Shiamak graciously answered some questions for us as he prepares for his Tampa debut!

You’ve choreographed countless shows and performances for IIFA in the past. How will Shiamak 2014 top Shiamak from the past?

The way to improve is if you constantly learn to be a student! Each year when I evolve as a person, the art evolves too! There will be a new feel and something unique to make each star performing stand out. This is also the first time IIFA is coming to USA, so we’re very excited for that. We are looking at educating the west about Bollywood, entertaining them with a power packed show and empowering them with the performing arts. The show will be like something you have never seen before!

How does Shiamak stay inspired?

Through “the smallest things, in the details. The city the show is happening in, the people/ the culture, the music I’m choreographing, a prop on stage, the nature, movement of animals, people on the road…. just everything.. I think when you choose a profession that challenges your creativity; to inspire people you have to be constantly inspired.”

shiamak 2

Dancing is an evolving artistic expression of movement. How do you keep yourself relevant?


The day you pride yourself in being a guru/ teacher, you stop the art from flowing. It is always a continuous process of learning, teaching and learning more. Also each time I choreograph, it is an interpretation of the song and the visuals it gives me in my mind. So every time I choreograph it’s something new. Music resonates with me, the movement then becomes inherent to that piece of music.

Although Shiamak has been to Florida before, it will be his first time in Tampa! He and his company are very excited to be in this great city of ours!

What foods are you excited to try while here? “I love sea food so that is something I’m looking forward to. Honestly, we’ll be so busy in rehearsal I hope we get to really see Tampa!”

Your dance academy is world renowned and has had many famous graduates. Who would be the “topper” from your past famous graduates?

Our motto has been ‘Have Feet. Will Dance’. So when any student comes to my dance academy, it doesn’t matter who they are or where they’ve come from. The focus is only on dance education and empowerment. Seeing a four years old dance on stage for the very first time, or choreographing my student Shahid who is a big Bollywood star today, or seeing a grandparent reliving their passion for dance…. all give me equal joy and sense of fulfillment. My mission has been always to spread the joy of dance, without discrimination. So for me, anyone who decides to slip out of their every day shoes and put on their dance shoes is a topper!



What is your favorite form of dance and music to dance to?

My favorite dance form is what comes to me naturally…. this is only because this form on dance is me. Art finds fulfillment when it becomes an extension of the self. My work is very indo contemporary and modern with elements of folk and strong focus on technique. Dance has the ability to adapt to all music. Music is a part of me, so i love all music…. though growing up during the pop era, I have an inclination towards pop.

If you were stuck on an island and could only have 3 things with you, what would they be?

The book that has guided me, Laws of the Spirit World.

My IPod as I need music and

My pets!!!!

How would you educate the American audience about the importance of dance in Indian culture and Hindi Cinema?

Indian culture celebrates life. Dance is an inherent part of our culture, lifestyle and upbringing. Whether it is festivals or weddings, Indians need a reason to let loose and dance! Each region has their own form of dance style that represents its people, various classical forms that show the rich cultural heritage and modern styles that display our progress as people. Indian Cinema is an extension of the emotions of our people. This is why music and dance is an intrinsic part of our movies. From the silent era, black and white films to the technologically advanced cinema today, Indian Cinema has progressed leaps and bounds in terms of technology and overall presentation; but what is it has retained is the essence of its people and the emotion it generates, me and my dance company will see that thru our dance we reflect the Modern India.

All you late minute folks, don’t worry, there’s still hope! Tickets are still on sale at and Get excited for IIFA 2014!