Posted on April 18, 2014 at 3:17 am

Bollywood Events What's Happenin' to Sponsor Bollywood Awards!

We are only days away from the beginning of the 2014 IIFA Bollywood Awards Week. As you might be aware, the Awards Week is normally held in locations like London, Toronto, Singapore, Dubai or Macau however this year it is being held for the first time ever right here in the USA in Tampa, Florida!

The Bollywood Awards Week is an incredible celebration of Indian business, culture, fashion, arts and cinema – culminating with the “Bollywood Oscars” event held in the Raymond James Football Stadium on April 26th.

The International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) is hosted annually in countries around the world. For the first time in history, the world of Bollywood is coming to the USA in Tampa, Florida. Viewed by approximately 800 million people, this event will tie two cultures together, bringing over 350 of the top Indian film celebrities, a variety of Indian and US mega-business leaders and approximately 30,000 people from around the world to Tampa. has joined a highly select group of invited global brands to be one of the official product sponsors of the awards.

Sadiesha Stebbins

The awards celebration week begins on April 23, 2014 with products from showcased as the official skin care, health and vaping products to the stars of Bollywood.

“The Sadiesha brand of products merges beauty, health and science in a way that resonates with all cultures and I am proud to have been asked by IIFA to represent Tampa’s entrepreneurial world in such an integral way,’ said CEO Sadiesha Stebbins.

The IIFA Awards Week will feature a variety of products including Vapormones, Living Power Jewelry, Living Power Health Products, Formula 22 Anti-Aging Serum and the entire Pre line of organic skin care products. Vapormones will be showcased in a one of a kind vapor lounge at the Hilton Hotel located at 211 N Tampa St, Tampa FL 33602. Follow us on our website at as we prepare for the absolute IIFA experience!


Planning the Vaping Lounge for IIFA 2014 featuring Sadiesha Stebbins by Sadiesha StebbinsLast week Sadiesha Stebbins and her team went to the Hilton in Downtown Tampa to begin planning the lounge for the debut of Vapormones at IIFA 2014 Tampa Bay (Bollywood). The lounge will operate from April 23-26th and will service celebrities, staff and media, allowing them enjoy 14 Nicotine Free Vaping liquids that deliver mood and behavioral changes. Vapormones are one of a kind liquids that feature Direct Response Olfaction and are made in an FDA registered facility right here in the USA. The Platinum sponsor will also feature other Direct Response Olfaction products like Spray Thin.

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