Posted on April 12, 2014 at 4:42 am

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‘Kill the Rapist' finally gets censor boards approval!

After three months of prolonged exercise, producer Siddhartha M Jain of iRock Films and director Sanjay Chhel are finally relieved. Their controversial movie Kill The Rapist has been cleared by Censor board. The film would arrive with an ‘A’ certificate with only one minute of footage being chopped off from the final cut.

The movie stars Sunny Hinduja,Anjali Patil amongst others. The film deals with the perplexity of a young women who is dealing with a rapist who stalks her and eventually taking things in her own hand and fights back vigorously. It was but natural to have some explicit scenes and cuss words in this hard hitting movie.


Sanjay chell, relieved said

“Ideally, I would have wanted my entire footage to remain as there is nothing sleazy about it. It is futile to present sexual violence any differently.” The director, equally relieved said “We have accepted this suggestion and now have a Censor certificate with us. It took us three months but then it was worth it.”

The young and dynamic actor Sunny, whose movie Ballad of Rustom was nominated for Oscars is excited to be a part of this movie.

“It feels like mission accomplished. It was really important for the censors to clear it which gives an official go for the film to release. I am waiting eagerly for the film to hit the theaters and get this cause all the more highlighted”, says Sunny Hinduja

The star cast shows immense potential and this is one movie you should look out for. Watch out for this hard hitting movie to release in your nearby way theaters soon.