Posted on April 15, 2014 at 12:03 am

Bollywood Events What's Happenin'

Get ready to STOMP your feet and dance at IIFA STOMP!

So what do you mean STOMP? Yes we said STOMP and we also said DANCE! Next Wednesday in Tampa, Florida be ready to go wild and STOMP your feet and dance in the park at CurtisHixon Park! Ravi Drums with some other surprise guests will be in town with food, entertainment and a lot lot more! If we tell you all the juice, it wouldn’t be a surprise then, would it?

So check out the detail events below and get to Curtis Hixon Park, Urban Asian team will be on site so be sure to come and find us! Get ready to STOMP, STOMP, and STOMP with Hollywood, Bollywood and many more!


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So what are you waiting for, get ready and head on over to Curtis Hixon Park next Wednesday!

We forgot to mention that IFA even did a Flash Mob to promote the event all the way in NYC today! From Mumbai to NYC to Tampa they are coming to you soon!


See you next Wednesday in the Park!