Posted on April 6, 2014 at 7:30 pm

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Film Review: Jinn

Review: 4/5

Absolutely exhilarating! I’ve been out of this movie for over 40 minutes and inside I am still giving a standing ovation to Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad. High five! Wow. While I continue to digest the awesomeness I just experienced, let me give a quick summary of the movie.

The movie opens by introducing the mythology of Jinn as the third creation, (a concept well known to much of the eastern world). Immediately, we are treated to a flashback showdown between an ancestor of our hero and a really scary angry Jinn. As the movie progresses we meet our modern day hero Shan played by Amin Nazemzadeh (goes by Dominic Rains) who finds himself dragged into a conflict with that very same Jinn. Along the way we meet some incredible characters like Shans beautiful wife Jasmine (Serinda Swan) and the bad ass duo of Father Westoff (William Atherton) and Gabriel (Ray Park). I can’t say much more about the plot other than it’s a supernatural thriller with some excellent scares.

Now I realize what you are thinking. Yes, the trailer makes this movie look sort of like a made-for-DVD movie. Yes, the lines and the acting might be a bit second rate. Yes the Washington Post gave it 1.5 stars. But I ask since when did film making become exclusively about how fancy a movie looks? We all know how massively budgeted films can suck. And seriously when did we start going to the Washington post for advice about anything?



I will admit I too was really concerned about the way they would turn out coming from a relatively unknown studio and director, but after watching this film I have no complaints. Each actor proved his/her worth and the CGI is superb. Great film very entertaining and a total fanboy! Excited to see what comes next from this team. Go see this now! Support stories like this and help get more of eastern mythology introduced to the west.

P.S. The hero car (yes the car is also a hero) was specially created for this movie and it’s just unbelievably cool! So my advice: suspend your avengers sized hunger for summer block-busters and a go see a real fun film.