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‘Queen’ connects with movie aficionados, online!

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Actress Kangana Ranaut, as the simple and lovable ‘Rani’, and Lisa Haydon, as the uninhibited ‘Vijaylakshmi’, have made a place for themselves in the audience’s hearts with the trailer and addictive songs of ‘Queen’. The makers of ‘Queen’ have ensured that they present the same sentiment on the digital space, as well, with applications and memes that establish a connect with the film.


Queen teaser featured a shy ‘Rani’, asking for #HoneymoonTips from the audience. With its innovative and interactive approach it created quite an impact.

dialogue meme (1)

dialogue meme (2)

dialogue meme (3)

The digital platform offers a host of exciting activities and updates to engage the fans. Queen’s official Facebook page introduced the characters of the film with memes to display their traits, using dialogues and instances from the film. Different kind of memes-Tips to survive single honeymoon, Humare Indian Mein, Rani ke Funde, Vijaylakshmi ke Funde- have caught the audience’s eyes. Each of them have a witty take on stereotypes and character traits, making it a fun-read and must-share for all the users. Memes for #HumareIndiaMein such as ‘We Don’t Need GPS. We have Paanwale to ask the directions’, with Kangana looking lost holding a roadmap in Paris, tell the truth in a humorous manner, adding Rani’s point of view to it. The memes also had a humorous take on the current topics, for instance the Queen’s Facebook page also did topical posts on the ‘Facebook buys Whatsapp’ trend, which swept the digital space.
dialogue meme (4)

dialogue meme (5)

Humare india mein meme (1)

Humare india mein meme (2)

Humare india mein meme (3)

Humare india mein meme (4)

Humare india mein meme (5)

Humare india mein meme (6)

Hunganma Dance FB

Lisa ke fundey 1

Queen’s Facebook Page also hosts an application, ‘En Route Single Honeymoon’, which allows users to choose a cover photo for themselves, from 14 different options of exotic destinations. They sport whacky captions, associated with various cities across the world. The cover photo options range from the ones saying, “I would like to gamble in Vegas on my #SingleHoneymoon” and “I would like to party all night in Ibiza on my #SingleHoneymoon” to“I would like to visit all strip clubs in Bangkok on my #SingleHoneymoon”.

Another Facebook Application, ‘Queen’s Journey’, captures Rani’s life-changing journey with exclusive behind the scene videos. One of those videos talk about tips to stay warm during Delhi winters and another one shows an over eager aunty making sure that she gets a picture with Kangana during ‘Queen’s shoot in the capital. All are must watch videos, for sure.

Lisa ke fundey 2

Lisa ke fundey 3

Queen_FBCoverPhotoApp  (1)

Queen_FBCoverPhotoApp  (2)

Queen_FBCoverPhotoApp (3)

Queen_FBWhatsapp Meme

Rani ke fundey 1

Rani ke fundey 2

Tips to Survive Single Honeymoon (1)

Tips to Survive Single Honeymoon (2)

Tips to Survive Single Honeymoon (3)

Tips to Survive Single Honeymoon (4)

Tips to Survive Single Honeymoon (5)

Tips to Survive Single Honeymoon (6)

Just like ‘Rani’ became ‘Queen’ in Paris, a soon-to-be-launched application will allow users to find the foreign version of their names. Called ‘My Firangi Name’, it will allow them to enter their name, and get their phoren name in return. This application is sure to engage online users on ‘Queen’s page and get them interested. The movie has established its presence on Instagram too, as @QueenOnTheGo, where image are being posted from Rani’s point of view, covering her journey from her wedding, to her single honeymoon experiences in Paris and Amsterdam.

Queen has been engaging with the online users extensively with apps, videos, contests and photos, which keeps everyone hooked and make sure they come back for more. Starting from Rani’s wedding celebrations to her going to Paris, digital ‘Queen’ has it all.

‘Queen’ is about Rani, a simple girl from Rajauri, who has been dumped at the altar by her fiancé. However, she decides to go on her honeymoon, all alone. The movie is about her meeting new friends in a new place, and having the time of her life. Presented by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, ‘Queen’ is a Phantom Production. The Kangana Ranaut starrer is directed by Vikas Bahl, and produced by Viacom18 Motion Pictures, Vikramaditya Motwane & Anurag Kashyap. ‘Queen’ is scheduled for release on March 7, 2014.

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