Posted on March 7, 2014 at 1:15 pm

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Meet Abhisting!

America’s got a brand new artist on the rise! Originally from Hyderabad, India, Abhisting has grown up all over New York from the New York City to Albany. He started his rap career in high school with of course, little support from his Indian parents. Abhisting continued to pursue his dreams and he just released a new music video titled “Still Sippin,” check out the video!


We also had the chance for a brief Q&A with Abhisting, check it out!

Q: How did you get into music?

Abhisting: My rap career didn’t start until high school sophomore year. I decided to make a quick funny rap making fun of one of my friends because I was bored. It was then in junior year of high school that I discovered my love for rapping and wanted to take it more seriously. I started to make actual raps with my guitar hero microphone and Mixcraft software that I downloaded free online. With the support of my friends I continued rapping through senior year in high school and dropped a song called “See These Haterz” which used the beat from “Fall out the Sky” by XV. Back then it was a decent song for a high school kid and that made more people in my high school notice me. Thus giving me more support to continue rapping. “You’re the only Indian rapper I know” a lot of my friends would say, it made me unique.

Q: Did your parents support you?

Abhisting: On my Eightieth birthday I taken 8 of my best songs and put them together to make an album. I made 5 copies of the album to give to my closest friends, making the album art and everything. But when my parents saw this they took them and threw them in the garbage saying “don’t waste your time with this foolishness, this will take you nowhere in life!” But my friends pitched their money together to by me a new legit microphone as a birthday present, so I ended up being really happy at the end of the day.


Q: Did you continue your music?

Abhisting: I continued to rap throughout my freshman year of college, getting better with each song I made. Other college kids started to appreciate my raps too because they could relate to them as well. Because I would rap about my experiences throughout college that other kids could relate to. Then my sophomore year I wanted to take my skills to the next level. So I went to a producer and recorded my song in a studio instead of my laptop and microphone my friends got me. This song was called “Grind Up” and got a lot of positive reviews. I put it on YouTube and people were saying they wanted to hear more. My Facebook friends were really impressed and gave more a lot of support to continue rapping as well.

Q: A little background on this song?

Abhisting: Scottie Pippen is a basketball player who used to play for the Chicago Bulls. The analogy I’m making is comparing his shooting skills to the way people take shots of alcohol when partying. I’m currently in college and this is the life style that most kids in college live, so I’m just putting out my personal experiences into a song while rapping about my life. This is one of the party songs I made off my mixtape “Next Generation.”


Q: Any upcoming projects you have lined up?

Abhisting: After I finished making my mixtape “Next Generation” I want to start dropping more music videos and start collaborating with other artists. I’m in the process of shooting a music video for my newest song called “Down For Me” and working with collaboration with some artists in the U.K.

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