Posted on March 13, 2014 at 1:53 am

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Gulaab Gang impresses all with its marketing campaign!

Producer Anubhav Sinha and director Soumik Sen’s Gulaab Gang have flaunted the power of pink, impressing all, with innovative applications and marketing campaigns, online and offline, for Gulaab Gang. The movies promotion has become so viral that promotions have done well for itself! Online media today plays a major role when launching campaigns and films and the movie has created a great innovative marketing strategy to build a massive following!

The film, which stars Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla, has seen a fantastic response to its trailer, with over 4 million views already, and an overwhelming response to the movie. Hundreds of fans have been enthusiastically commenting and praising the two actresses, who were seen in a brand new avatar in the film. Post the release of the trailer, the Facebook page of the film has shared dialogue memes, that are a huge hit with the fans and have helped in the increased engagement and buzz, and has been posting reviews of the movie ever since its release that clearly shows how much users have loved the movie.

Producer Anubhav Sinha said,

Gulaab Gang tells the harsh reality prevalent in India against women. To have a stellar starcast comprising of Madhuri and Juhi is a dream-come-true for any producer. Both the offline and online marketing teams have done a wonderful job.”


Arun Nair, Head of Marketing, Sahara Movie Studios, said,

”Gulaab Gang is a one-of-a-kind film, that is based on the struggle that women in India go through, and the power they can wield. With Gulaab Gang, we focused on creating campaigns that would put across the intended message and even made it fun with applications which are being well received by the users. To market a film like Gulaab Gang is a privilege and we are glad to be a part of it.”

On the Facebook page, the makers have been putting up innovative and entertaining applications, that have been garnering active participation from fans. As engagement ideas, memes like #GulaabiPower were created that shared words of wisdom and quotes on women empowerment. Also, a stamp that says ‘Gulaab Gang was here’ was created and stamped on real life images, like controversies, etc.

An app called ‘Rod Ij God’, based on the famous dialogue ‘Danda sabka peer hota hai’ from the film, is a rage, where users can select friends from Facebook or upload an image of a person who they think deserves to be hit with a Rod, for their wrong doings.

Based on the idea of ‘Become a part of the revolution and join Rajjo’, ‘Create my own Gulaab Gang’ app was made. Here the user, who is the default leader, can select 4 friends, appoint them roles such as Decoy, Right-hand etc, give a name to their gang and generate a cover photo.

YouTube sensation Lilly Singh, famously known as ‘Superwoman’, collaborated with Gulaab Gang and Madhuri Dixit to produce a promotional song called ‘Mauj Ki Malharein’. The video got a massive response and has garnered over 200,000 views within just three days of its online release.

Madhuri Dixit recently visited Shri Govind Bal Mandir School in Andheri with the cast of Gulaab Gang, in support of the Support My School campaign. The campaign focused on revitalizing schools in rural and semi- urban areas with provision of basic facilities such as safe drinking water, separate toilets for boys and girls, libraries and promotion of physical sports. Also present for the campaign were producer Anubhav Sinha and director Soumik Sen. Apart from this, the lead duo, Madhuri and Juhi, have appeared on shows like ‘Koffee with Karan’, ‘Comedy Night with Kapil’ to promote the film. #LoveGulaabGang was trending on Twitter recently, which further shows how much the users have appreciated the movie.

With such strong marketing, it’s no wonder the film is running successfully in theatres. Book your tickets now –