Posted on February 19, 2014 at 2:48 am

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‘Jackky denies, his Role is not Inspired by real life politician’

Youngistaan, which is produced by MSM Motion Pictures and Pooja Entertainment and Films Ltd. is been making news these days that this movie is based on real life politician due to Jackky Bhagnani’s appearances at the promotional events of movie and also his character portrays a young dynamic politician who has a live-in relationship. Whereas Jackky declines these rumors and explains that how his character, Abhimanyu Kaul is not inspired by real life politician.




Jackky says,

“It’s not based on any real-life politician. Instead, he is a mixture of mannerisms of several legislators.” He adds,”I play a leader who the country would want. My character isn’t based on anyone in particular. He is a 28-year-old Politician who goes on dates, introduces nation to modern banking reforms, teaches them how to e-vote and doesn’t play blame games. He believes in the policy that if you want change, you have to be the change.”

Jackky further states that Abhimanyu Kaul knows how to keep his personal and professional life different.

“I think young India is ready for lot of changes. My character shows the divide between the old-school and modern-day mindsets. He doesn’t go against his culture, but brings about a revolution. The current political turmoil helps us. When everyone in the real world is playing blame game, here’s a guy who owns up whenever he has messed up. He says,’don’t vote for me if you don’t wish to, but cast your ballot at least.”

Directed by Syed Ahmad Afzal, Youngistaan also stars Boman Irani and late Farooque Sheikh. The film releases March 28.